Robert Shapiro is perhaps America’s most famous and respected celebrity defense attorney. Having won the trial of the Century with O.J. Simpson, and represented many other celebrities such as Darryl Strawberry, José Canseco, Johnny Carson, Christian Brando, Linda Lovelace, and the Kardashians, among other high-profile celebrities and corporations, Shapiro has proven himself as one of the top litigators in the world.

Robert also frequently appears on television, giving his expert opinion and in-depth insights.

Here I’m joined by one of America’s great legal minds #InTheLab via Spreecast to talk about the Oscar Pistorius trial, which is engrossing the world right now. Shapiro and tell us what to expect moving forward, how the South African legal system differs from that in the U.S., thus changing what we should expect, and much more.

Here is Robert Shapiro on CNN’s Piers Morgan just before chatting with me: