Justin Ross Lee, more commonly known as “JRL” has become one of NYC’s most well known, and controversial personalities.  In an age where social media has become a dominant force in Brand Building, JRL has used the platform to document his world traveling, club partying in places like Miami, NYC, The Hamptons, and LA, while posting pictures of himself in First Class on planes next to people like Brad Pitt, Ashley Olsen, drinking expensive champagne and eating top of the line cuisine, or on the red carpet of events like The Emmys, and in the process on many levels has become one of the Internet’s most talked about and possibly infamous personalities.  This persona (I’m still not sure if he’s for real, but I will give him credit that he has worked his tail off to create a marketable brand) has led to various club banning, constant Media attention from the likes of The New York Post, The New York Times, Guest Of A Guest, etc..and now JRL has formed a pocket square business called “Pretentious Pocket” featuring high end silk pocket squares with unique titles to each design.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the “JewJetter” (His term for himself because of all the flying he does) himself to talk about the brand he is in the process of building, whether or not this “Schtick” is really him or a character for marketing, the building of “Pretentious Pocket”, his various and “unique” experiences traveling and running into celebs all over the planet,whether or not he is getting a reality show, and soo much more!!  Like I said, I’m still not sure what to make of what JRL is doing, but I will give him credit in that he has committed to building his brand, and has done an incredible job in making himself marketable and tabloid worthy, and he his witty and engaging in real life, and perfect for Reality TV.  It will be fascinating to see where JRL can take this whole thing…Enjoy Kade Nation!!