He’s one of the most successful, electric, and well known personalities in Philadelphia (You can’t go anywhere in the country without people knowing his name and sandwiches, and while interviewing one of the greatest Wide Receivers in NFL History yesterday, he said “I Love those Cheesesteaks!), having built a sandwich empire and Mega Brand (Google him and see all of the business articles that have been written about his entrepreneurial success which has earned him numerous awards and recognition from both local and national publications) even having gone International with shops in Bahrain and Dubai and even Manchester, UK!! He is also a well established TV personality, having been featured in episodes of Throwdown! with Bobby Flay (He beat Bobby Flay, one of the most well known chefs in America, pretty soundly making his signature “Cheesesteak Italiano” after being surprised with a challenge by Flay), Dinner: Impossible, Man v. Food and Food Wars, as well as having a popular TV Show on ABC covering the Philadelphia Eagles last season..If you didn’t think that was enough, he’s a singer, who’s new song “Right Here” just hit number 1 on CDBaby.com (Check it out here and buy it!!), and has been written about in various publications in Philadelphia.  And how can I forget, that he’s also an actor who’s last movie “The Nail” is terrific where he plays the lead as Joey Nardone acting with veterans Tony Danza and William Forsythe.  Tony Luke Jr. has become a mega business brand and master of all trades, but the best thing about him is that he is one of the coolest and nicest guys you will ever meet, and one of the best International ambassadors this city has (He was just up in NYC with Phillies All Star Shane Victorino handing out cheesesteaks on Broadway, and he was plastered on the side of the tour bus carrying U2 this week who played the Linc)!

Here he takes time out of his busy day to hang out with “The King Of Kamelot” to talk about his fame and success at his shop, where he makes me the sandwich, “The Cheesesteak Italiano”,  that he took down Bobby Flay with on “ThrowDown” (Watch my reaction because it’s beyond delicious and he also talks about being a mainstay personality on the Food Network!), his singing and acting career, his sandwich empire going International, and what it’s like to be one of the most famous personalities in Philadelphia!