Outside of the “Jersey Shore” cast, he is probably the most well known and famous personality on MTV, having appeared in 7 (Yes I said 7!!) Real World/Road Rules Challenges, as well as being the host for the Post Party after each Jersey Shore Episode for MTV.com.  He is currently starring on MTV’s new hit show, “The Challenge: Rivals” which was number 1 on all of cable in it’s time slot in it’s opening episode making it a bonafide hit for the network with millions of viewers.  He is MTV’s self proclaimed “Mr Beautiful”, and I can tell you that every girl that I brought up to that I was interviewing him under 30 said “I LOVE HIM!!!” (Even The Brand doesn’t get that kind of reaction ;)).  He has his own clothing line which is killer, called SuckYeah (I wore one of his shirts while interviewing Miss USA 2010, Rima Fakih, last week, and she loved it soo much that she asked to have some gear sent to her and her boyfriend, Toronto Blue Jays Star Pitcher, Ricky Romero) and is the face of Original Moonshine Whiskey.  He is so well known for being the face of the MTV “Real World/Road Rules” franchise that when he didn’t appear on it one season, he teamed up with “Funny Or Die” and MTV to do a spoof retirement press conference…He is the one and only, MTV Legend, Kenny Santucci!!

Here he chats with “The King Of Kamelot” about the rebirth/reinvention of “The Challenge” franchise, what it’s like being “A Ladies Man”, What the Jersey Shore kids are like in real life, his super successful “SuckYeah” clothing line,  what it’s like to be Bill Murray’s next door neighbor, and what to expect on the remainder of MTV’s current number 1 show, “Rivals” the rest of the season:

and here is the hilarious “Funny Or Die” Retirement Press Conference