She may be the most controversial figure of the last two years (As one fan said, “More people know about her around the world then a ton of major movie stars”)…She has been on every major talk show in the US including Oprah, The Today Show, etc….She is followed around by every tabloid, blogging site, and paparazzi imaginable…She was on Howard Stern this morning and now she has gone “Kade Style”…She is OctoMom!!!…Watch as she gives an interview to the “King Of Kamelot” about what it’s like living with the controversy of having 14 children, preparing for her celebrity boxing match (There was a crazy amount of media at the press conference including every major network in Philadelphia covering it, and only NBC and me were able to interview her)…and of course, what it was like to be grilled by “The King Of All Media” himself, Howard Stern:

And a bonus interview with the most famous Modern Radio DJ in the history of Philadelphia, a true institution of the city, and one of the most recognizable figures in Philly, who still has a hit show with WMGK in the mornings, the great John DiBella (Who is one of the nicest and sweetest guys on the planet and who got a standing ovation and who by the way is a HUGE fan in Kade Nation):