Entertainment can be a very dirty world filled with drug abuse, corruption, and scandal, and few people have experienced that world more closely then Steven Machat who is releasing a tell-all book this summer talking about his incredible life behind the scenes with some of Entertainment’s biggest names!  Here is the summary, because if this doesn’t make you want to get it then nothing will and trust me after seeing the passion of Steven in this interview about what fame and celebrity can do to even the most powerful of icons you will understand why so many people in Hollywood have trouble maintaining a normal life:

“Ever wonder what the life of a high-profile celebrity is like? Steven Machat has experienced it firsthand. Born into the music industry, Machat followed his father, Marty Machat’s footsteps by entering into the business world as an entertainment lawyer and entrepreneur. Working with the likes of ELO, Genesis, Snoop Dogg, the U.S. Singing Senators, Don and Sharon Arden (whom they later became the father-in-law and wife to Ozzie Osbourne) and many others, Machat reveals their darkest secrets, stories and lessons learned that no one else has heard before. A rollicking history of the entertainment world and its tempestuous players captures Machat as a man more enthralled by the deal than the money the deal made.  It’s a Rock and Roll odyssey of excess, access and learning from painful events.  This book revels deeper into Machat’s quest for truth and shows the heartbreaking costs it brought to his family.

Helping create the image of Al Sharpton and his organization, Machat was along for the ride all the way through the Sharpton trial until Sharpton demanded Machat pay him after awarding him “Black Manager of the Year.”  The book has accounts of Machat meeting Republican candidates George W.  Bush and the unknown drama he stirred with Bush’s organizational campaign manager Karl Rove.

Machat’s crushed dreams of working inside the Republican Party led him to dwelling into a whole new realm – the world of Gangster Rap. Such individuals he led and defended include Snoop Dogg, Tupac, Money Miles, and Bizzy Bones, and members of the Wu-Tang Clan to name a few. From Republicans and high-class stars to Gangsters, Machat explains his need to write this book to show the truth behind what is seen every day in the media, he states:

“Gods, Gangster & Honour is a true account of a game players education of how Man gets fooled again and again. Man so wants to believe that someone else knows what is best for the individual. It is all the same game in the end; community based on love and support to make you believe you need someone else, when I have learned all we need is each other.”

An enormous thank you to Katie At Big Machine Media NYC for setting this up!  What a unique and powerful man!