Here’s when you know you’ve led a “Great” and “Inspirational” life…When the largest movie company in the world, namely Disney, makes a movie about your life that hits number 1 worldwide at the box office called “Invincible” (One of my favorite movies of all time), in which an “A-Lister” like Mark Wahlberg plays you, and calls it an “An honor for him” and says “This is the first time I’ve ever portrayed someone who is still alive, a living legend”, I would say that’s pretty “Great”.  When you’re in a room filled with celebs and World Series Champions, MVP’s, Cy Young Winners, and grown men who make millions of dollars a year, namely the Philadelphia Phillies, ALL come up to YOU to take a picture as fans (And the best pitcher in baseball, reigning Cy Young winner, Roy Halladay, who NEVER smiles or changes facial expressions is smiling ear to ear while getting a picture with you!), and anytime you’re ever brought out at the Linc or anywhere you get a standing ovation, I would definitely refer to that as “Great”.  When ESPN compares you and your story to the most mythical movie character of all time that helps define a generation in “Rocky”, and calls you the real life version of him, I would say that’s pretty “Great”.  And when you at 30 years old become the oldest rookie in NFL history with no college experience to ever make an NFL team and defy the million to one odds against you, and not only do you make the team, but are voted by your teammates captain of the special teams and most recently  selected by the fans as the best Special Teamer in the Eagles 75 year history I would call that “Great”. He has also received numerous awards around the country for his charitable contributions and efforts including the coveted Vince Lombardi Award for Courage for overcoming his dance with colon cancer and I’d say that’s pretty “Great” as well.  The words “Great” and “Inspirational” are thrown around a lot these days in describing stories or feats that may not fit the true meaning of those words, but I think we can all agree that Vince Papale is the definition of them and then some!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with for an intimate one on one with one of the most inspiring men/stories ever put on a Hollywood screen (It’s hard to sit next to him and not just be in awe) to talk about the new book he just published “Be Invincible” (Just finished it and it is AWESOME!!!) with the help of his super awesome wife Janet and write-ins with legends like Pat Croce and Ray Didinger, his truly inspirational life, the making of “Invincible” and his relationship with Mark Wahlberg, his career with the Eagles and the story of how he made the team, how he has used his journey to help inspire so many millions of people to become “Invincible”, and sooo much more…Amazing amazing interview with a “Great” man!! Enjoy Kade Nation!!