Stacy London is one of my favorites, because since 2003 she has been the incredibly charming and entertaining co-host of one of the best shows on TV (The awesome Clinton Kelly is the other host), TLC’s hit “What Not To Wear”, where she helps “the frumpy by giving them life changing fashion makeovers and fashion advice”, but also in the process helps instill confidence and belief in the individual that “If you look better, then you will feel and live better as well”.  The show is absolutely brilliant, and Stacy, who has served as a Fashion Editor at Vogue and Mademoiselle, worked as a celebrity stylist for some of Hollywood’s most attractive celebs like Kate Winslet and Liv Tyler, and now in addition to hosting the hot TLC Show, is also a frequently seen Fashion correspondent on NBC’s The Today Show, is the beautiful and hilarious voice of “Fashion Reason” in helping people change their lives and looks, and few can do it better or more originally especially when she is referring to women’s breasts as “the girls,” and often shouting “Shut up!” or “Shut the front door!” to express her approval when the guests of the show appear at the end of the program to reveal the results of their makeover!  Now in addition to a new book being released later this year which will no doubt be a NY Times Bestseller, a new season of “What Not To Wear” coming out in a couple months, and serving as brand ambassador for brands like Pantene, Woolite, and Dr. Scholls, she and her business partner Cindy McLaughlin co-founded Style for Hire, an online service that matches people with personal stylists that live in their area so check out their website linked here.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down for a fun, intimate interview with the beautiful and stylish Stacy London in NYC as she helped host the book release for the brilliant David Rees, to talk about her incredible career in Fashion both on and off TV, her new book coming out later this year, why Style For Hire is a must do for everyone, why people are scared of being fashionable, her unique and fun approach to making people over, why I would hire her as my personal stylist if I had millions of dollars, and I even use her lip gloss in the interview which turns my lips pink.  Stacy is such a gem and so wonderful to meet and interview, so whether or not you are a fan of TLC’s “What Not To Wear”, this interview is a must have!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!