When it comes to the internal workings of America’s most famous address, there is no one who has a better perspective into the incredible world of the POTUS then Nicolle Wallace.   She is a bestselling author (She is the author of the New York Times bestselling contemporary political novel, Eighteen Acres, and her newest It’s Classified just was released to incredible reviews) and political commentator who appears regularly on news programs such as ABC’s Good Morning America, CNN’s Piers Morgan and Anderson Cooper,, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Fox News’ Sean Hannity and Morning Joe on MSNBC.  Nicolle served as communications chief for George W. Bush’s White House and re-election campaign, and was credited with “injecting a tremendous amount of realism” into White House deliberations.  According to the Washington Post, she served as “a voice for more openness with reporters” (Washington Post, June 28, 2006).  Wallace was described by former colleagues as “very persuasive in the halls of the West Wing.”  Wallace also served as senior advisor for the McCain-Palin campaign in 2008.  She appeared frequently on network and cable news programs as the campaign’s top spokesman and defender.

Wallace’s name became National Headlines recently when HBO released it’s uber awesome movie “Game Change”, which chronicled the McCain/Palin Presidential Run of 2008, and the “Unique” real life persona of Sarah Palin behind the scenes, where Nicolle was constantly seen battling her and trying to help the VP candidate not sabotage the entire election.  She is one of the country’s most respected voices when it comes to the White House, and now has become arguably America’s top novelist and political commentator around the topic as well!

Here “The King of Kamelot” sits down with the incredible Nicolle Wallace in NYC in between her talk show media blitz to talk about her incredible rise to the message maker for President Bush and the White House, her newest bestseller ‘It’s Classified”, her relationship with Sarah Palin both then and now, how similar the movie ‘Game Change” was to the actual situation she was dealing with, her thoughts on the current election, whether or not she would ever get back into politics, and soooo much more!!  This as one of my favorite interviews ever, because outside of just being an amazingly awesome person to get to know, Nicolle shares what it’s like behind the mysterious curtain of politics and the various personalities at the top of the ladder..Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here are several of of Nicolle’s TV appearances last week where she appeared on Piers Morgan, Rachel Maddow, Morning Joe, Starting Point, etc..:

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