First impressions really are everything.  I thought about this as I was hanging out with Chester Bogart, Maya, and others at Del Frisco’s last night, and I was introduced to two beautiful women at the bar.  When we started talking, I thought that we had hit it off, and I was actually interested in getting one of the woman’s numbers for a date, but as we continued talking, we both realized that there our opinions of each other were changing rapidly, and by the end of the night, we were just being semi obnoxious in our conversation.  As I was walking home, I started thinking about various moments over the last week that have occurred in which I either met, or spoke in front of people for the first time, and how differently all of those interactions had gone.

When I met Aaron Speiser (Gerard Butler and Will Smith’s acting coach), I could tell we just clicked, and he saw me as a confident and poised individual who wants to conquer any obstacle or task.  As I had mentioned in an earlier post, I left him a voicemail on Monday, and he called me back on Tuesday night.  He told me how thoroughly impressed he was by my look and my presence, and that “Hollywood is looking for handsome boys like you.”  He was back in LA, and after speaking with him for 45 minutes; I have decided to hire him as my personal acting coach.  He feels that I have the potential to do great things, and I want someone who joins Team Kade to feel like the “sky’s the limit”, as I do, so I will be flying out to LA once a month, and spending a week there to work with him and network with people.  I plan to fly for the first time over the next 2 weeks to begin training.

The second situation that stuck out in my mind was the (a spin-off from event I was the featured speaker at on Tuesday night.  This event features many up and coming entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to idea-share, and compare their unique stories.  The event can be attended, or viewed on Twitter (pet peeve: technological terms that are somehow developed like Tweeting).  My friend Jenny asked me to speak, because she feels my story is inspiring, and I agreed.  I spoke for approximately 7 minutes, and when I was done, several people came up to me to shake my hand, and tell me how uplifting and enlightening my speech was, and how following your dream is what life’s all about.  Just seeing the fire in other people’s eyes that were sitting there, reminded me how important it is to listen to your inner being, and go after what’s important to you, and made the experience worthwhile.  I love public speaking because I was constantly on the road with my old company speaking for other market groups, television shows, and even national conferences.

All of these situations remind me how one person can be perceived in many different lights.  With the women, I may have been looked at as a little cocky, with Aaron extremely confident and articulate, and with the BLOBLIVE group, humble and inspired, but in the end I am the same person in each situation.  The lesson here is to be yourself, because people will usually think what they want within 30 seconds of meeting you, but always stay true to your values, ethics, morals, and move forward with class and grace.