Margaret Cho joins The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade #InTheLab while co-hosting ABC’s The View for 2 days to talk about hosting “The View”, working on Lifetime’s “Drop Dead Diva”, creating a popular web series called “In Transition” (It follows 3 women released from jail and acclimating into society), keeping her comedy and career fresh and the comedians that she is a fan of. We talked about her getting a spin off from DDD, and if she would potentially be tabbed to become a permanent host on “The View”, as well as how she is able to balance so many projects at the same time. Margaret has had one of Comedy’s most iconic and groundbreaking careers, and it’s easy to see that she is busier and more successful then ever!

Make sure to check her out in a city near you on her “Mother” tour, as well as every Sunday on Lifetime on “Drop Dead Diva”.

Here is Margaret Cho on Wendy Williams and Craig Ferguson right before chatting #InTheLab: