There is no one more famous on the Internet then Keenan Cahill!! Everyone knows the story of kid who released a video on YouTube of himself lip syncing Katy Perry’s hit “Teenage Dream”, and the next you know it has 36 million views, and he is doing guest videos with some of the biggest artists and celebrities in the world in his room (Famously called “Keenan’s Room”) or on location including 50 Cent, Jennifer Aniston, Katy Perry, David Guetta,  Jersey Shore’s Paul DelVecchio (Pauly D)Brian Wilson and Cody Ross of the San Francisco Giants performing Taio Cruz‘s hit, “Dynamite“, LMFAO, Tinie Tempah, The Glee Cast, Jason DeRulo, Perez Hilton, and most recently he filmed a video with the star of the new movie “Footloose”,  Julianne Hough, to help promote it!!  This even led to appearances on shows like Chelsea Lately, and working on campaigns like VitaminWater that has helped turn him from viral Internet Celebrity into Mainstream celebrity with millions of people around the world now following his journey, and every artist on the planet trying to work with him!!

What’s even crazier, is that Keenan Cahill is still in high school and has Maroteaux–Lamy syndrome. For a kid whose life had, up to that point, been defined by what he couldn’t do as a result of his rare genetic disease, MPS VI (estimated to occur once in every 340,000 live births), the impossible became possible almost overnight: the boy who spent the better part of his childhood shuttling between hospitals, suddenly had no limits on who he could become and what he could achieve!  Here, “The King Of Kamelot”, has an intimate interview with the Internet Sensation heard round the world to show Kade Nation the kid behind the artist, and expose you to the side of him that you will never see and the amazing projects that he has happening right now (I even get him to talk about his celebrity crush!!)!!  I ABSOLUTELY adore Keenan from getting to know him..he is one of the sweetest, most down to Earth, and humble young men you will ever meet, who hasn’t let fame and celebrity affect him or his personality even a little, and it makes you just want to cheer for him that much more!! Enjoy Kade Nation!!

and here is his latest video with Julianne Hough promoting what’s sure to be a hit, “Footloose”, which opens today!!

This interview was recorded at the most legendary recording studio in Philadelphia, and one of the most famous in the world, Sigma Sound Studios. It has been around since 1968 and has transitioned from recording studio to full blown multi media entertainment company making them a “one stop” shop for artists of all genres. Sigma is an award-winning brand, recognized for countless hit records and has hosted leading recording artists from yesterday and today such as Boyz 2 Men, Jill Scott, David Bowie, The O’Jay’s, The Jackson’s , Lil Wayne, Will I Am, and Madonna and has earned a reputation for its rich music heritage, outstanding service and sonic excellence. As featured in the book “Temples of Sound”, Sigma is known as one of the greatest recording studios that helped shape the music industry and single handedly put Philly on the music map making it famous for what has become known in music history as “The Sound Of Philadelphia”.  They have amassed over 190 gold and platinum records (I mean are you kidding me with that number!!) for its work with recording artists in many genres of music, including R&B, Rock, Dance, Pop, Blues, etc. As a testament to this fact, every 11 minutes somewhere in the world a song recorded at Sigma Sound Studios is being played.  When you walk in, you seriously smell all the history with all the gold and platinum records hanging on the wall.  Their awesome production crew helped me put this together to help give Kade Nation a real life “Unique” interview experience with Keenan Cahill over Skype.

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