“American Pie” was one of the great generational comedies and franchises of our lifetimes, pairing us with a cast of teenagers who through four movies we have watched grow up, connected to through their hilarious antics and wonderful friendships, and most of all laughed with them through marriages, affairs with mothers, and living through the experiences and relationships we have all had growing up!  Thomas Ian Nicholas, who plays Kevin Myers, in all four of the movies (As well as Henry Rowengartner in cult favorite “Rookie Of The Year”) , has been along for the ride, and played the sensitive intelligent, conservative part of the group who is always looking for a way to say “We Did This Together!!”, and with the current release of their newest hit in the Franchise “American Reunion”, we see the unique cast get back together for a high school reunion that only the American Pie crew could achieve making us laugh, cry, and of course realize that for all of us that have grown up with that same group of people that we see played on screen, it’s hard to get older, but we carry all of our experiences and friendships with us for the rest of our lives!  Although being known for “American Pie” and “Rookie Of The Year”, Thomas is also an ultra successful singer and songwriter, who’s group “The Thomas Ian Nicholas Band” has shared the stage with the likes of Secondhand Serenade, Eve6, Fuel, Tom Morello, Cracker, Seether, Cypress Hill, Ben Harper, Kenny Loggins, Al McKay, Chris Barron, Deluka, Trevor Hall, Lucky Boys Confusion, Miggs, Mandy Moore, Blues Traveler and Jefferson Starship, and currently just released their third album “Heroes Are Human” (It’s pretty awesome to tell you the truth, and when you see Thomas sing in the interview below, you can tell how amazingly talented he is as a singer and songwriter) with one of the their new songs featured on the “American Reunion” Soundtrack..

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of the stars of one his favorite movies of all time “American Pie”, for an amazingly awesome interview where we talk about what it was like being part of the amazing phenomenon that turned into the “American Pie” franchise, his relationship with all his co-stars and reuniting for “American Reunion, whether there were some juicy off-screen romances, whether he loves acting or singing more, and of course he sings his new song “My Generation” off the “American Reunion” soundtrack and is absolutely amazing!  Thomas Ian Nicholas is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet, and couldn’t have been more humble, down to Earth, and awesome as we chatted for a while before and after the interview, and his passion and talent as a singer and songwriter are truly incredible..An enormous thank you to Kala at Much and House PR fpr putting this all together for me, and all I can say is enjoy this piece of American Pie Kade Nation!!