How can you not love someone who writes a book about a year in his life, where he loses 40 pounds, doing everything that we as healthy creatures are told not to do, including drinking everything under the sun like beer and whiskey, eating food like cheesesteaks, but yet finding the will to run, cycle, and get himself in shape or as Carl himself tells it “Giving every diet out there a big F-U” and going from an “out of shape, bloated asshole, to the sexiest, most delightful man on the planet”.  Lüc Carl is Rock And Roll at it’s best, with his long hair, spandex pants, hot rod and Harley, and having worked as a bar manager in NYC’s gritty, but now trendy Lower East Side, but after 7 years of beating up his body, he decided to turn to the experts and learn to live right, but when all the diets called for “No-Alcohol”, he decided to go his own path and a hilarious and awesome book called “The Drunk Diet” was born.  The interesting thing is that this book isn’t a diet book, but a look into 1 year of a man’s life dedicated to transforming and finding himself on so many levels, and discovering the will power to change your body and mind to what you want them to be.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the Omaha Born, Drunk Diet King himself, “Reverend” Lüc Carl, at the NYC Lower East Side Hot Spot “Welcome To The Johnson’s” (A HUGE thank you to the girls there for all your help!) to talk about his new book and find out how someone who does everything we are told not to do to stay alive turned himself into an in shape cyclist, long distance runner, who is now happier with himself on every level.  On a side note, I’ve got to share that Lüc Carl is one of the coolest guys you will ever meet, and was a total blast to interview, and the book is one of the most unique, funniest, and cool looks into someone changing their life that you will ever read…Make sure to check out his running blog linked here, and hit the bookstore because “The Drunk Diet” is a “MUST BUY” Kade Nation!!