There are some some people that you meet and you walk away thinking “Wow, that person really just wants to make a positive difference in this world”, and when you meet Michael Skolnik, that’s exactly what goes through your mind!  He went from being an award winning movie maker to becoming the Co-President of one of the fastest growing and most cutting edge news sites on the Internet,, which is a news/entertainment/lifestyle site/brand with a “Hip-Pop” vision averaging over 2 million visitors/month, while also becoming the political director for an icon, one of the pioneers of Hip Hop music/branding, and one of the most successful, influential, and visionary businessmen/leaders in entertainment history, Russell Simmons (Who is the founder and majority share holder of Global Grind as well, and for anyone who was a fan of “Run’s House” on MTV, it is where Rev. Run sent his son to work).  Through this relationship, they have worked to better society through various social and political initiatives and Michael oversees Simmons’ entire social justice, political and semi-political activities.  The focus of their work together is based around three core themes: education, poverty and ignorance, and as you will see in the interview below, it almost impossible to not feel the incredible passion that is exuded in Michael’s want to better society as a whole on so many fronts.  It was extremely impressive and motivational and a true honor to meet the man!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with Global Grind Co-President, Michael Skolnik, to talk about the mission of Global Grind as a website and brand, how he left such a promising career as a director and producer to become the political director for such an iconic figure, his thoughts on the current state of the social and political landscape as well as Obama’s presidency so far, and the difference that he wants to make in the world.  This is such a powerful and inspiring interview…so enjoy Kade Nation!