Drew Manning is one of the biggest stories in America right now, being featured on every major Television Talk Show in the country including Good Morning America, The View, Dr. Drew, etc.. for his incredible journey from Fit To Fat To Fit.  When he stepped out from behind the cardboard cutout of his former fat self, last Monday, the audience of “Good Morning America” was appropriately shocked.  The fitness trainer’s journey had come to an end after successfully losing more than 70 pounds — six months after he purposely gained the same amount. “Like it never happened,” host George Stephanopoulos said.   A little more than a year ago, Drew Manning stopped working out, and started eating fast food, white bread, sugary cereal and soda to understand the other side of the coin and the psyche of the clients that he was working out. He wanted to better understand what his overweight clients were going through.  He let himself go completely, and chronicled the process in video blog on his website, Fit2Fat2Fit.com.  From there, Drew Manning became a worldwide inspirational story followed by millions with fans watching his journey and even voting on contests for what he should eat, and this has led to a bestselling book “Fit2Fat2Fit”, appearances on almost every major talk show, lead story on CNN.com, and most importantly he has becoming the face for people that want to get in better shape and lose weight to live a healthier and better life.  All this did not come without hardships, which he details in his incredible blog and book, but in the end Drew Manning’s journey is a true inspiration to those wanting to improve their life and understanding the battle that the obese and out of shape people around the world fight every day can be won.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with America’s Personal Training star, Drew Manning, during his media blitz in NYC, to talk about the journey from Fit2Fat2Fit, the hardships and lessons that he learned and truly understanding what obese people are dealing with, the damage done to his body and mind after gaining 70 pounds, the battles that he had to fight both psychologically and physically to get himself back to the old Drew, and sooo much more!!  Drew’s journey is one that everyone reading his wonderful book and blog can use to improve their own lives and he was just as powerful and awesome to meet and get to know in real life!! Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is Drew and his beautiful wife on Good Morning America and The View right before our interview!!
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