With over 5 million listeners a day in over 40 markets around the country (Including New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Cleveland, Tampa, Syracuse, Atlanta, & Des Moines)., “Elvis Duran And The Morning Show” has become the #1 most listened to morning radio show in America, featuring some of the most A-List guests that you can get from Lady Gaga to Justin Bieber to Katy Perry!  In doing this, Elvis Duran has transformed himself from just another radio host into a celebrity along the lines of Ryan Seacrest, becoming known for his hilarious and quick wit, and ability to turn any celebrity he talks to into a full blown amazing intimate conversation and make that person in studio feel like they are sitting on their couch just shooting the proverbial s$it.  He has appeared on so many different talk shows like Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Good Day NY, Dr. Oz (He will be on this Christmas talking about his health, and you have to listen to the interview to get the hilarious details on his relationship with Dr. Oz!), and sooo many more, and in doing so has turned himself into the face of NYC Radio, and perhaps the face of US Radio along with Ryan Seacrest..

Here “The King Of Kamelot” does an amazingly hilarious interview backstage with New York’s King Of Radio as he prepares to host Q102’s Jingle Ball (Some of the featured performers were Demi Lovato, Avril Lavigne, Gym Class Heroes, LMFAO, Kelly Clarkson, and sooo many more!) where we talk about his amazing career, what it’s like to host the “Concert Of Concerts”, which artist’s talent has really blown his mind, what Dr. Oz means to him (You won’t believe the answers, and one clue I can give you revolves around his prostate!), the death of Patrice O’Neal, and his firing from Q102 in Philly years ago.  This is one of the funniest interviews I have ever done, and I can tell you that Elvis is one of the nicest, most humble, down to Earth, accommodating guys you will ever meet, and this interview shows you why he has become such a radio and media monster.