The word courage is one of the most overused words in sports, but when it comes to describing Micky Ward, one of the greatest boxing warriors of all time, the word is an understatement.  How many people have had an Academy Award Winning Movie that was the movie of the year across all circles made about their life and career, where Mark Wahlberg plays you and Christian Bale plays your half-brother and wins an Oscar, where it depicts the courage and tenacity that it took to overcome family and physical difficulties and obstacles that would have destroyed most people, only to see a man rise above it all and become a world-champion?  And the movie doesn’t even show the defining moment of your career where Micky staged the second greatest boxing trilogy of all time with Arturo Gatti (The first being Ali Vs. Frazier) in what was the most brutal, bloody, and courageous three fights that you will ever see winning “Ring Magazine’s Fight Of The Year” (Ward-Gatti I was hailed as the “Fight of the Century” by boxing fans and writers, and Round 9 of that bout was called “The Round of the Century” by Emanuel Steward, who co-hosted the fight live on HBO), and cementing Micky as one of the most respected and popular fighters of a generation.  If there ever was a “Real-Life Rocky”, then “Irish” Micky Ward is it, becoming regarded as a working class hero, a blue-collar athlete who has overcome many difficulties in life and prevailed through determination and hard work to become one of the most admired sports figures of a generation.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of his favorite athletes of all time to talk about his amazing career, what it was like to see an Oscar Winning movie made about his life, the physical and mental toll that Gatti/Ward took on him, his tremendous friendship with Arturo Gatti, the new projects that he is working on, who would win a fight between him and me, and sooo much more!  It was such an honor to sit down with such an amazing champion (I have watched the Gatti/Ward Trilogy soo many times!!), and get to hang out with him and know him..An enormous thank you to his manager Danny and my good friend Sam for setting this up!  It was an unbelievable honor for me!