Joe Conklin is one of the stars of the number one sports talk show in the country, The Angelo Cataldi Morning Show, where he has become known for impersonating every single Philly personality in sports, politics, and pop culture, as well as perfecting impersonations of figures such as Barack Obama, Jay Leno, and even Jack Nicholson making millions of people a fan of his brand of unique comedy.  His impersonations are so spot on that it is impossible to tell whether it’s actually him or the person he’s impersonating on the show, and has led to him becoming one of the most beloved Philadelphia cultural icons and TV Personalities (He is a regular on most of the Philadelphia sports shows), as well as a super successful stand-up comic to boot, who is one of the most sought after corporate banquet speakers in the country.  Cataldi’s show is the most listened to sports show in the country, and has become famous for being the edgy and over the top voice of perhaps the top sports town in America, and it’s only that much funnier and over the top when Joe does a perfect Andy Reid or Allen Iverson impersonation!  He will be at Helium tonight so if you have never heard him on the radio in the morning, and don’t listen to this kick butt interview where he switches in and out of almost a dozen different voices, then make sure to go see his amazing parodies and impersonations there or at some of his future shows that you can look up on  The man is an absolute genius, and it’s so hard to believe that he can mimic people with the accuracy that he does.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the Impersonation King, to get the inside look into how he creates all of these voices, what his favorite character is, what the over the top Angelo Cataldi is like in real life, and sooo much more including even doing an almost spot on Arthur Kade impression!  It’s unlike any other interview that I’ve ever done because it’s almost like watching Joe’s live show while he switches in and out of character with everyone imaginable!!  Amazing, amazing stuff Kade Nation!!