While having lunch with my agent at Cipriani’s Downtown today in NYC, I was sharing how ultra impressed I was with my recent interviewee, Kelli Tomashoff (Here is an already famous 19 year old who has an amazing head on her shoulders, loads of talent and is going after her stardom in music the right way and possesses that “IT” quality from the first moment she shakes your hand), who gained national fame with millions as one of the stars of Bravo’s Hit Show, NYC Prep (Billed as a real life Gossip Girl), but has now used that fame and celebrity to catapult herself and pursue her true passion in creating hit music (One expert told me today “She’s got the chops to make it to the top of the Pop Star ladder” EVEN COMPARING HER TO A YOUNG BRITNEY SPEARS!!) with her new hit song “Gave Up On Love”, which is Number 1 on Masterbeats Dance Charts (And was featured on the “What’s Hot” section alongside Tiesto, Lady GaGa and Daft Punk) and just achieved “Hot Shot Debut on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart”!  She just performed for celebrities at the SunDance Film Festival (Where she got a standing ovation!) and Winter Music Conference in Miami, as well as legendary NYC institution, Griffin, and just finished filming the music video for the song which is killing it on ITunes right now under the distribution of Warner Brothers.  She took time out of her busy day to sit down with the “King Of Philadelphia”, and discuss everything from her time on Bravo, the transition from reality star to pop star, her passion for music, and even whether or not she has discovered boys…What a great personality who is on the verge of MUSIC STARDOM.  This girl is going to be a household name for her music very very soon..

As well as her bio from her press release that gives you an idea of her world and passion:

Millions might know Kelli as the girl from Bravo’s hit reality show, NYC Prep, but Kelli is not just a reality TV star – but a badass pop artist that has created dance hits that will bring the world to its feet. Most recently returning from the Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah, Kelli performed at the Fender Music Lodge, headlined the Socialite LA Party and got fellow New Yorkers dancing at the New York Love Film event.

Billed as the real life Gossip Girl, NYC Prep chronicled the lives of a group of privileged teenagers trying to make it in Manhattan’s elite prep school jungle. But Kelli’s high school career wasn’t about indulging in shopping sprees and making appearances at debutante balls – she was busy creating musical gems, including her dance/pop hit single, “Gave Up on Love.”  Kelli just shot the music video for the single in a Brooklyn warehouse where she was clothed in gemstones, diamonds and stilettos while taking control of her man once and for all!

Kelli’s positive lyrics and upbeat dance melodies make it easy to relate to everything she has to say. In her new single, Kelli belts about the protective walls she has built up, a song she co-wrote that sheds light on the intensity of some high school romances.

“When you’re young, you feel you need to give all of your self and soul into a relationship,” says Kelli.  “But teen relationships are bound to end – and oftentimes badly.

Growing up, Kelli was surrounded by music from all eras, which led to her debut music reflecting shimmering  hints of rock n’ roll (The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles), 60s funk (The Ronnettes, The Temptations), as well as strong soulful female impressions (Stevie Nicks, Janis Joplin). Surrounded by generations of musical legends, Kelli was never afraid to show everyone she was next in line to be a star.

“When I was 8, my friends and I put a band together and wrote our own lyrics and melodies. We were already rock stars,” reflects Kelli of her early years. “We took ourselves very seriously. When I look back on my life, my greatest moments involve me performing or singing in some capacity, whether it was in talent shows, singing the national anthem at basketball games, or on national television. My goals now are to keep performing live, create great and innovative music and keep improving.”

Although NYC Prep allowed Kelli a jump start at her singing career and the chance to sing on national television, she worries today that TV fans may resist viewing her as a serious artist, especially after three other Bravo reality stars have also released dance singles.

“I want to be Kelli the artist, not Kelli from NYC Prep who became an artist,” she says.  “I was a singer before the show, I sang during the show and I’m singing after the show.”

“I want to be Kelli the artist, not Kelli from NYC Prep who became an artist,” she says.  “Before I was Kelli from NYC Prep, I was Kelli who loved to sing.”

The doubt is understandable, but won’t hold up once the world hears what Kelli has in store. Focusing on dance music came easy to her, feeling it to be the music of her generation and comes natural for her to dance, sing, and have fun on stage.

“I want young people to embrace who they are,” Kelli states.  “To live and figure out their true selves.  I hope the record will make some realize how silly it is to live for a guy or a girl who is not worth the time or tears.”

Kelli looks back fondly on her high school years, and in starring on Bravo’s NYC Prep.  “But high school is over for me.    I’m ready to sing professionally now. I want people to know that performing is my passion and that it’s real.”