They are the “First Couple Of Dancing With The Stars”, and two of the most popular and most accomplished dancers to take part in ABC’s #1 Show, and have danced with some of the most popular celebrities in the show’s history while also doing exhibitions together as a married couple (They danced together professionally for 6 years before Jonathan retired as a professional ballroom dancer in 2006 becoming one of the highest ranking competitive pairs in the World and now they own a dance studio in Hermosa Beach, CA).  Just this season alone, Anna, danced with Carson Kressley, but she has also had some amazing partners throughout the years joining up with Jerry Rice (Finishing 2nd), Albert Reed, Steve Guttenberg, Chuck Lidell, Evan Lyacek (Again finishing second to Nicole Scherzinger and Derek Hough), Kurt Warner, and Sugar Ray Leonard.  Jonathan has danced with some of the show’s most memorable characters and is one of it’s most beloved hearthrobs (One of my girlfriends said today “He is the hottest guy ever!!) having danced in various seasons with Rachel Hunter, Giselle Fernandez, Heather Mills (Paul McCartney’s Ex Wife with one leg), Marie Osmond (Who famously passed out, fell and hit her head on the air), Monica Seles, Belinda Carlisle, and Grammy Winner Macy Gray.  He is also one of the most accomplished dancers in the world having won a slew of Competitions and World Champion awards during his professional career.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” gets to interview and dance with (Trust me Kade Nation, this is a sight to behold!!) the amazing “First Couple of DWTS” before their sold out show called “Champions Of The Dance” (It’s been called “An extravaganza of dance”) which will take place along with other world class professional ballroom dancers at the Annenberg Center and Theatre At The University Of Pennsylvania through Sunday, where we talk about EVERYTHING from their experiences on DWTS, who their favorite and worse dance partners were, my crush on Carrie Ann Inaba, knowing who’s going to win already in week 1, and sooo much more!!  But the real treat is the lesson that I receive from Anna on how to dance, while Jonathan stands by and does live commentary on my skills!!  Safe to say that I may not be the most nimble of performers quite yet, but they were both an absolute joy to work with and an absolutely gorgeous and sweet couple to get to know!! An enormous thank you to Sarah at U. of Penn for putting this together!!