He is one of the most recognizable and influential comics of my generation, having starred on perhaps the most groundbreaking and revolutionary comedy ensemble variety show ever that served as the launching pad of the careers of not only himself, but such talent as Jamie Foxx (Oscar Winner), The Wayans Brothers, Jim Carrey, David Alan Grier, Rosie Perez, Carrie Ann Inaba, and even Jennifer Lopez.  Anybody who wasn’t buried under a rock during the 90’s, would be in front of their TV’s on Sunday night turned to Fox to watch one of the greatest sketch comedy shows ever created, and that show was titled “In Living Color”!  Very few shows have had the cultural and social impact that “In Living Color” has had, and Tommy Davidson was described as it’s “Heart and Soul”, and “The Man Of A Million Characters”.  Since then, he has continued a tremendously successful career as a TV/Film actor, one of America’s funniest and most well known stand-up comedians who is constantly traveling the world and is featured on Comedy Central as well as other cable networks, Producer (He has his own production company), and even has a new cartoon that he is the voice of on Adult Swim.

Here he sits down with “The King Of Kamelot”, after his first of 3 days of sold out shows (He was beyond funny last night, and after an exhausting day of interviewing some of the biggest and brightest stars on the Alternative/Rock music scene at the Warped Tour in 100 plus degree weather all day, it was an amazing relief to see him and not stop laughing) at Helium Comedy Club to talk about: His career on “In Living Color”, the social influence the show had and how it served as a launching pad for some of the most incredible names in Hollywood, how he stays fresh and relevant, working with Halle Berry, and he even does an amazing impression that will be dear to all of Kade Nation!! He was an awesome dude to hang out with and get to know, unbelievably humble, hilarious, and accommodating, and one of the true legends and good guys in the comedy business!