I am in awe of Michael Milken (MikeMilken.com) and his quest to cure Cancer. No One has done more to accomplish it! A 2004 article in Forbes said, “Prostate cancer, once a research backwater, is suddenly sexy thanks to the work of one patient: Michael Milken…’Milken is probably the single most effective layperson advocate for cancer research,’ says former National Cancer Institute director Samuel Broder…(his) foundation had a crucial early role in numerous prostate drugs now in late stage trials.”. He has even gone as far as recently joining with Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates in The Giving Pledge, which commits them to give the majority of their assets to philanthropic causes during their lifetimes

I spent the whole night thinking about what I was going to write about him and how our interview/meeting had changed me, because this is a man that not only has accomplished “Things” and achieved “Wealth”, but more importantly one who has contributed so much to the forwarding and bettering of society on so many levels, saving millions of lives with his enormous guidance towards the researching for the cure to Cancer (And so many other deadly diseases), a man who is also responsible for helping our country create the financial boom of the 1990’s that led to an unparalleled economic expansion unlike any the world has ever seen (He helped finance and create over 3200 companies, millions of jobs, and empires for men such as Steve Wynn, Ted Turner, and Steve Ross).  He is a man that Fortune Magazine wrote “No one had ever really pulled together the full picture of how – and how much – (Milken) has shaken up the medical establishment and saved lives.”. Summing up Milken’s long involvement in medical research, CNN’s Larry King told his broadcast audience, “When they cure this disease [cancer] they’ll have to call it the Milken cure.”.

Anytime, Fortune Magazine can put you on the cover with American Hero Lance Armstrong, and call you “The Man Who Changed Medicine”, and Esquire Magazine names you one of the “75 most influential people of the 21st century”, you must be doing something extraordinary, and in Milken’s case, it’s easy to say that few men have helped grow society in the areas of Medicine, Finance, and Education in history more then him. It would take 5 more paragraphs to fully list the impact that he has made in the areas of Prostate Cancer (He is the head of the Prostate Cancer Foundation), Melanoma, Education (The Milken Educator Awards, was established in 1985 and is now the largest teacher-recognition program in the U.S., operating in partnership with state departments of education across America. Dubbed the “Oscars of Teaching” by Teacher Magazine, it has awarded approximately $62 million to honor more than 2,500 K-12 teachers and principals), and Finance (Linked here is his Milken Institute, one of the leading economic/social think tanks/global conferences in the world). To fully understand the global impact he has had, I have linked his website/philanthropic biography here that speak more in detail about his foundations and contributions. Writing in the June 2005 issue of The American Spectator, the former senior economist of the Congressional Joint Economic Committee, Stephen Moore, wrote: “Michael Milken and Drexel (The Firm he worked for) easily created more wealth for American shareholders single-handedly than all the trustbusters in American history combined.”

With all that being said, what was just as impressive about him, and what took me back more then I can explain, was how he is in person.  I remember a good friend describing meeting President Bill Clinton to me by saying “There is no one like him.  He is the most powerful man in the world, and yet when he is talking to you, it feels like there’s nobody else in the room”.  That’s exactly the effect that Milken has when you meet him.  I was explaining to my friend who is a financial advisor who asked me about meeting Milken, “He is one of the most charming, engaging, and hospitable men imaginable.  He absorbs you.  There were at least 100 men waiting to shake his hand, some of the most powerful and richest men in the city, and yet he makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room with him.  Time’s yours.  Whatever you need.  There are men that accomplish things.  Home Run Records.  Billions Of Dollars.  Sex Symbols.  This man has changed society on levels I have trouble comprehending.  Is written about in history books.  Term papers in MBA programs.  He’s a man who was told he has 12-18 months to live after they diagnosed him with advanced prostate cancer, and 18 years later is the global leader in beating it.   And with all that being said he smiles at you, shakes your hand, and makes you feel as important and as welcomed as a best friend.  I mean he even told me to call him Mike.  Truly Breathtaking”.  NY Times Columnist David L.Brooks said, “I was with Michael Milken recently and he’s one of those guys who just soaks you in. He just wants to learn everything from every single person he meets. That is a pretty valuable talent.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of his idols, one of the most influential men in a generation at his “Prostate Cancer Foundation Benefit” at The Union League (What an amazing event put on by Gloss PR with some of the biggest hitters in the city there all to support a great cause in a fun and festive atmosphere, and it blew me away to see such powerful people practically waiting in line to meet “Mike”) and talks about his remarkable battle with prostate cancer, and how it led him to become “The Man Who Changed Medicine”, the influence his friends Larry King, Steve Wynn, Ted Turner, and so many others have had in helping him go after the “Global Killer”, what he feels is the blueprint for fixing America and it’s economy right now, and soo much more.  I actually got goosebumps and showed him during our interview, because when you are in his presence and listen to him talk, you lose yourself, all the things that worry you, and realize that there is a higher purpose to our lives.  A purpose to do good.  To help people.  To change the world.  That is how Michael Milken makes you feel. An enormous enormous thank you to Corie Moskow of Gloss PR for giving me this gift, and for Jan Haber and the rest of Mike’s team for being so awesome and hospitable with me and most of all to Mike.  People like you are the reason I dream of being more.  One Of the most inspiring people you will ever see speak…Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Here is an excerpt from his Biography on his website:

“Milken founded the Prostate Cancer Foundation (www.pcf.org), whose competitive research grants to more than 1,500 programs at 200 research centers in 20 countries make it the world’s largest philanthropic source of funds for prostate cancer research. A BusinessWeek cover story surveyed Milken’s “quest to cure cancer,” reporting that scientists “are convinced they’re close to unraveling [its] biological details. And Milken ‘has done more to advance the cause’ than anyone.” Charles Myers, M.D., president of the American Institute for Diseases of the Prostate, says simply, “Milken revolutionized the field.” The late Dominick Dunne wrote in Vanity Fair that one doctor told him Milken’s support “had advanced the study of the disease by 40 years.”

Here’s an idea of how brilliant and innovative Mike Milken is when the greatest hotelier in the world, Steve Wynn, introduces him at a conference and refers to him has “My Mentor”, and “A Visionary” and recounts meeting him and says “I learned everything from him”

Here is just a sampling of the people that Mike has united together to help his foundations and causes including political leaders, athletes, global leaders, Nobel Prize Winners..etc..Truly remarkable man