I have to admit that I am completely jealous of George Stephanopoulos (Co-Anchor, “Good Morning America”) because he is married to the amazing Ali Wentworth, who is such a special combination of beauty, brains, humor, and humility, and now outside of being one of the funniest women on the planet, a successful actress (She just starred in “It’s Complicated” with the incomparable Meryl Streep and has done many other TV Shows and movies like “Oprah” and of course “In Living Color”), and the host of her own Disney produced “Daily Shot With Ali Wentworth” series (Please check it out because it is so original and funny that it’s impossible to not get addicted), she can now add NY Times Bestselling Author to her resume.  Ali has been on a whirlwind tour talking about her new book, “Ali In Wonderland”, with just in the last few weeks appearing on Leno, Bill Maher, and Rosie to name a few, and being featured in pretty much every publication on the planet from The Huffington Post to Variety to The New York Times, and to say it is well deserved would be an understatement.  “Ali In Wonderland” is one of the funniest and most entertaining books I have ever read, talking about the courtship and marriage to one of my former favorites until last night (Of course I’m joking because I think he’s actually terrific ever since the Bill Clinton days) George Stephanopoulos, growing up “Privileged” in Washington as the daughter of Nancy Reagan’s Social Secretary and a Washington Post reporter, the interactions of having dignitaries like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixon around while growing up, Motherhood, and soo much more, and then you meet Ali in person and she is everything you hoped she would be!  The beauty of the book and the person is that she is so relatable and endearing that you find yourself feeling like you have known her your whole life.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the one and only Ali Wentworth to talk about “Ali In Wonderland”, what it was like growing up in such a unique childhood, the courtship and marriage to George Stephanopoulos (Including their first date despite her love for Hugh Grant!), how her parents felt about her being an actress, whether or not I look like GS (People tell me all the time I resemble him but Ali breaks us down feature by feature), and sooo much more!!  As you have probably figured out, Ali is just super cool in person, and one of those people that makes you feel like you’re the only person in the room when meeting her, and you definitely will have a smile on your face after talking to her!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And Here is Ali absolutely killing it on Leno..How can you not LOVE her?!?!