The Lab NYC’s Arthur Kade got the chance to interview Dave Barry, a Pulitzer Prize winning author and a member of “The Rock Bottom Remainders”. Barry wrote a nationally syndicated humor column for The Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005. The Rock Bottom Remainders are a band made up of published authors and Barry describes them as “not musically skilled but extremely loud”. He says that they all have instruments in their hands and that they are attempting to play. Barry credits the late Kathy Goldmark, a literary escort, with putting together the band. The band, originally formed for a benefit performance, included everyone from Stephen King to Amy Tan. Barry tells us how surreal it was to have musicians such as Bruce Springstien singing back up to him. The band wrote essays as a tribute to Kathy, who died of breast cancer, the e-book is called “Hard Listening” Barry says that being in the band is a good platform for writers to socialize because their jobs can be very isolated at times. Dave says that the book will highlight the personal lives of iconic authors outside of writing.