What doesn’t Mark Ballas do well?  He is an Emmy nominated dancer and choreographer (2011) who has won ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” twice (While appearing in 4 Finals since 2007!) in front of an average audience of 20 Million people each week while being transformed into a celebrity heartthrob (Although after spending time with Mark he is so humble and genuine that he would never see it that way).  He has been partnered up with some of the most beautiful and polarizing woman in the show’s history including Kim Kardashian (Who he has stayed great friends with), Bristol Palin (Daughter of Sarah Palin, whom he helped guide all the way to the finals!), Kristi Yamaguchi (Who he won the whole thing with), Kristin Cavillari, Sabrina Bryan (The only couple ever invited back for an exhibition dance), Shannen Doherty, Chelsea Kane, and more.  And if that’s not enough, he is an amazing singer/songwriter who’s first solo album “HurtLoveBox” was released to tremendous reviews, and now he is working on his next album with some of the award winning producers behind artists like Drake and Nicki Minaj, and he has been singing since 12 years old when he had a group with Derek and Julianne Hough (They also won the Junior Latin American Dance Championship and the gold medal at the Junior Olympics as a dancing pair). In 2005, he was awarded “Performer of the Year” as a dancer and then moved on to win championships at The British Open to the World, The US Open to the World and The International Open to the World and he just choreographed an awesome commercial for Diet Pepsi featuring one of my major crushes, Sofia Vergara (His dad Corky is also in the commerical), which has gone viral and will have a spin-off with him appearing as well.  I mean seriously, is there anything this guy can’t do, and he is the most laid back and genuine guy you may ever meet!?

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the ultra talented Mark Ballas for an intimate and fun interview, and we talk about his incredibly successful run on DWTS, the unique bonds he has formed with his partners, the inspiration behind “HurtLoveBox” and his singing talents, what it was like choreographing the beautiful Sofia Vergara and the spin off, and soo much more!  Mark’s one of those guys that you can’t help but meet and just want to root for because he is such a nice and humble guy, who really just exudes positivity and is one of the “Good Guys”!  Enjoy Kade Nation!