I can’t help but gush over how highly I think of JoJo, because as a teenage sensation who set all types of music records, had number 1 hits, was nominated and performed at Nationally televised awards shows, and achieved Multi-Platinum Pop Star status by the time she was in high school, you would think that she would lose her head, lose humility, and become jaded, but instead at 21 years old, what you encounter is a level-headed, down-to-Earth, super nice and genuine young woman who has grown into herself and her new album “Jumping Trains” is going to be her foray back into the music spotlight.  JoJo’s debut album sold 4 million copies worldwide and her second album sold another 3 million with the hit “Too Little Too Late” ending up at #3 on the charts and marking the fastest rise for any single ever on the charts outdoing even the iconic Mariah Carey. Her hit “Leave”, made her the youngest artist in music history to ever score a number 1 hit, and also made her the youngest artist in history to be nominated for both an MTV and Billboard Best New Artist Award, showing that few artists in music have ever come out with as much of a bang as JoJo,  Now after a 5 year layoff, she has signed with the biggest and most powerful label in the world, InterScope Records (Gaga, U2, Eminem, Dre, Blink 182, etc..), to release her third studio album, “Jumping Trains” which is gonna be sick, with her first single “Disaster” rising up fast on the BillBoard Charts!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the beautiful and awesome pop star to talk about the work that she is doing on “Jumping Trains” and what her fans should expect from the complete album, when it’s release time will be, why she has some of the greatest fans in the world (I received something like 20 emails after our last interview!), how she has stayed so genuine and driven through all of her success and so much more!  JoJo is definitely one of my favorites so enjoy Kade Nation!