In what is already shaping up to be one of the most amazing and momentous weeks in the life of Arthur Kade in “The Biz”, the first day of this life altering trip started in the truest of “Kade Style” domination standards with The Brand conducting multiple network meetings (This has truly been the most mind numbing and grateful experience of my life because I am sitting in rooms with People who make the final decisions to put on TV what millions of Gen Poppers watch everyday on Major Networks and to see the reaction that Arthur Kade is getting on how dynamic his personality and look is, how cool the show concept is, and know that I have a skill set and ability that has gotten me into these rooms is truly humbling and yet gratifying in just 1.041819 years. It’s also amazing that I will have to soon make crazy choices as to who will get to have and feature Arthur Kade’s show as part of their network line up, and when I tell you that the names involved are dreamy and orgasmic, then just writing this on the blog makes me want to cumb in my own pants from ecstasy) with executives that Gen Poppers dream their whole life to get in front of (The feedback and results have been incredible so far, and to say that I believe more and more that Arthur Kade has an “It” quality that will make him the biggest and most desirable star in the land of stars, and with more network meetings and negotiations ahead, there is no doubt in my mind now that something extraordinary is about to happen and take “The Journey” to the next level and transform The Brand into the star he always knew he would be on his road to the top of The Craft and “The Biz”), and then being interviewed later in the afternoon by one of the biggest media personalities in the world, and the biggest on the continent of Kadestralia, Kerri Anne Kennerley (The comments on the blog and the feedback that have been coming in by Email and on Facebook have been amazing so far, and is a true reflection of the power that I have on that continent and country, and how big of a name I am there now. Kerri Anne even called me “Irresistible”, “A Charmer”, and was totally taken back by “The Kade Scale”, my descriptions of stars like Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bundchen, and the true impact I have made in her homeland) is just the start of the next steps in “The Year Of The Brand”, and has strengthened my belief in myself to reach Lil’ Oscar, win an Emmy, and become a NY Times Best Seller. I received an email from one of her producers that said, “You were Brilliant”, and “KAK loved you!!” (Considering she has interviewed fellow stars like Johnny Travolta, Liza Minnelli, Hugh Jackman, and Nicki Kidman, it was pretty cool to hear that reaction).

Here Is The Link To The Video Of The Live Interview With Kadestralia’s Version Of Oprah, Kerri Anne Kennerley (It’s 7 minutes of “Kade Style” Domination and riveting Interview that you don’t want to miss!!!!)

The producers in the Nine Network studio where I was satellited to the “Kerri Anne” show from, were in total awe of how original the shirt that I created was (Pic Below) and the level of confidence and brilliance that I showed on Live TV, and with more meetings tomorrow with networks and “MegaBizzers”, as well as another Radio Interview with the “SAFM Breakfast Program Hosted By Rabbit And Amber Perry in Adelaide” (They are the Number 1 Morning Radio Show In Southern Australia and are also the FOX sister station of the Number 1 show in Australia that I did 6 weeks ago, “The Matt And Jo Show”), tomorrow at 3:50 PST will be another sick “Kade Style” day for The Brand followed by the first night of parties in Hollywood with some Ballers (I am taking it easy tonight so that I can continue to look 25 years old in these meetings for the “Network Execs” and not look run down or tired and actually look like I’m 30).

I also Promised to give a “Kade Style” Shout Out To my favorite Super Sexy, Red Headed Philly 9.2 (EvenThough she called me a “Jerk” today, and said she wouldn’t “Accept My Rose” if I was The Bachelor), so here you are babe!!!!

“Some great Gen Poppers measure their success by how hard they tried. Arthur Kade measures his by having his own Hall Of Fame”….Arthur Kade…03/23/10

Here are some of the riveting Emails from the dozens I received from today’s live Interview with Kerri Anne from Kade Nation:

1) From Melissa:

If there is one positive I can take from the five minutes of my time you wasted this morning it’s this… you made me laugh. Get over yourself, wanker. You’re not all that. You’re not even a little bit of that. And I thank God I’m not good looking enough to get your attention, because I wouldn’t want it, anyway! Who gives you the right to comment on people’s looks like that? There’s enough superficiality in the world as it is. Get a life.

2) From Tammy:

I send you thiss msg after seeing your interview with kerri-anne (australia) and I must give you 10 points for confidence and minus 11 points for ego. Never before have I seen a ‘man’ declare ‘any woman, any time’…..and I must say…it does NOTHING for your cause. Women, in fact the world, TRULY accept and are far more open to a humble man with quiet confidence over a egotistical man with more vanity than a bathroom. This goes for your career aspect aswell as your personal life…..look at Bruce Lee, Johnny Depp, Heath Ledger, Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman, Simon Baker, Hugh Jackman…the list goes on. These men are all at the very top (even in death) and why?….Because they are all humbled and exude a QUIET confidence. It is that that make them such a commodity, so sexy and so talented. So if you are serious about a SERIOUS career in television and/or movies, then I suggest you adopt some of these real men quality….otherwise you will be nothing more than a fat fire in a frying pan……flamboyant and intense but etremely short lived, in the fame industry. Either that or seek some professional help from a certified and licensed therapist, because after your foolish statements you have made… are going to be one of the most hated men among women world wide, and not even your confidence and ego will save you. I also think you need a new publicity rep and if you dont have one…then you should get one because whatever you have currently is NOT helping you AT ALL!! Oh…and if your not willing to lose your scoring chart….maybe hide it and keep it to yourself hmmmmm.

3) From Ann

Congratulations Arthur your few minutes of fame and your abundance of pretend confidence.

Your shallow nature was nothing short of sad, however, attractive is in the eye of the beholder and for this one, you are not.

Your personality came over as very fake, very insecure and your hidden stutter was on the edge, but again well done, one has to believe in oneself, strive for goals and work towards them.

But your sense of reality is so far gone, I feel sorry for you.

We all have dreams, hopes and aspirations.
We all strive to meet our perfect partner.

I wish you well in your quest to find happiness, but search within you first before you can search outside.

Have you thought of a career in the comedy scene, I don’t think many people will take you too seriously, but you would make a great comedian.

Ann of Melbourne, Australia