When it comes to being a successful restaurateur and culinary icon, it doesn’t get much bigger then the duo of Joe Bastianich and his partner, legendary chef and TV Personality Mario Batali.  Having created a growing worldwide empire of fine cuisine with 25 restaurants that have achieved critical and commercial acclaim (Winning every important culinary award imaginable), including NY Institutions like Del Posto (The first Italian Restaurant in 40 Years to be given 4 stars by The New York Times and my favorite Italian in the city!), Babbo, Lupa, and Eataly, Joe Bastianich has become the epitome of the title of his incredible new memoir which is destined to be a Bestseller, “Restaurant Man”, which details his rise from the son of a Queens restaurant owning family to the top of the culinary world building an empire “His Way”, and a TV Personality as a judge on FOX’s Hit Show MasterChef (Season 3 starts shortly!) alongside Gordon Ramsay and Graham Elliot, as well as a frequent contributor on The Today Show.

To call Joe just a “Restaurateur” would diminish his role in the city that is the culinary capital of the world, because what he has created has made him an Institution, and in a city that will eat you and spit you out in a heartbeat, what Joe and Mario have done to stay ahead of the curve and at the top of the ladder is truly unprecedented.  They in many ways have become the faces of NYC Cuisine, and their restaurants have always been the prime destination for everyone from foodies to celebrities.  With “Restaurant Man”, Joe gives us as raw and real a look into the world of owning a restaurant, the good, the bad, and the ugly, as one can possibly imagine, including the fun and unique stories of how he went from washing dishes for his father in Queens to building an empire with another famed chef, and everything you need to know about the inside workings of the business, staff, what costs what to make and buy, and gossip behind the who’s who of the industry.  If you have ever wanted to open a restaurant, then there is no better book to read, because this is no holds barred, and as gritty and honest an inside look into becoming a “Restaurant Man/Woman” as one can imagine, and once you read this book you will never look at a restaurant you enter the same way, and will truly understand why Joe’s talents and gifts have allowed him to excel in one of the hardest industries in the world!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with a Culinary Titan Joe Bastianich in NYC to talk about his memoir and why he decided now would be the time to share his story, what it was like in the early days with Mario Batali as they were building their restaurant empire, which of his 3 restaurants are his most memorable and why, his passion for wine and owning vineyards, what we should expect on the third season of “MasterChef” on FOX, and sooo much more!!  It was such a pleasure to meet Joe in person and get to dissect his brain about his incredible career because I have eaten and LOVE so many of his restaurants as well as am a fan of “MasterChef”, and truly admire his courage and honesty in sharing his stories and the true inside workings of the NYC restaurant world.  Amazing man, Amazing stories, Amazing lessons, so enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is Joe on The Today Show with Matt Lauer right before sitting down with me..I so should have brought wine to drink with him!