Almost everyone grows up dreaming of being a rock star, but few have the ability to experience that dream.  As the lead singer of a band that has sold over 40 million albums, won a Grammy, and helped define the sound of our generation, the incredible Scott Stapp can say that he has lived that dream and much more!  With success comes pressure and temptation though, and for Scott, who is one of Rock’s most recognizable voices and faces, those factors almost led to his death.  Now with the release of his in depth and heartwarming memoir “Sinner’s Creed”, we see Scott’s journey from childhood abuse to the top of the music world, followed by a self inflicted destruction filled with drug and alcohol abuse resulting in a failed suicide attempt landing him in rehab (The story of rapper T.I. saving his life is incredible), and finally through the power of God and faith a redemption of his life and music. Scott Stapp teaches us that sometimes fame and celebrity is not all it’s cracked up to be, but with the greatest point of our darkness, we can find our greatest path to light.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of Rock’s most iconic front men in NYC to talk about his incredible new memoir “Sinner’s Creed”, the botched suicide attempt that helped him turn it all around, why he calls T.I. his “Guardian Angel”, how God and faith led him back from his personal hell, what to expect next from him and Creed, and soo much more!  When you meet Scott in person, you can see and feel his incredible energy, and his book and life are a testament to the power of what faith and belief can do, and it’s so great to hear the message that he is sharing with all of his about how fame and celebrity can corrupt.

Here is Scott on Fox and Friends and VH1’s Big Buzz Morning right before chatting with me!

Here is Scott at PS22 in NYC with an amazing performance for the students