Any morning that you get to meet and interview two of the most inspirational, passion driven, and intriguing women you will ever meet, you have to look in the mirror and realize how blessed you are!  Both Gretchen Rubin and Samantha Ettus have achieved the definition of “Career Success” as bestselling authors, TV Personalities, and brand builders, hence why they were both featured speakers at the amazing PA Women’s Conference alongside fellow mega-brands such as Martha Beck, Tory Johnson, Marion Jones, Liz Lange, and soo many more, but what was most eye raising in meeting and getting to know these two women, was the positive energy, and drive to improve their lives both spiritually and emotionally each day, that really took me back.  I spent most of the day after meeting them, reflecting on just how amazing their energy was and how much I took away from meeting them..These interviews below will give Kade Nation an inside look into two great minds and stories, and two women who are truly role models on how to approach life with fervor, creativity, and a positive outlook!

1) Gretchen Rubin-She is the literary rock star of 2011, with her amazing book “The Happiness Project”, reaching #1 on the NY Times Bestseller List, and starting a whole movement for people around the world on how they can look at their lives, no matter how content, and try to make themselves happier by taking small, concrete steps, and appreciating every action and moment.  In addition, she also has a blog at The Happiness Project Site where she continues to share her wisdom on becoming happier, and looking at life in a more positive way by sharing quotes, tools, videos, and stories that every person who wants to improve their mental and emotional happiness should take a look at!!  This was one of my favorite books in years, so I was honored to be able to talk with a remarkable woman about it and her life!!  Also be on the lookout for next book, “Happiness At Home” which will be released in June 2012, and will no doubt be another #1 NY Times Bestseller!

2) Samantha Ettus-If  you want to look at a woman who is a jack of all trades, and who’s energy, personality, and creativity are beyond infectious and inspiring, then look no further!  She is a bestselling author, who’s “Expert Guide” book series published by Random House, includes 4 books with stories and advice from some of the biggest names in business and entertainment (Sir Richard Branson, Ming Tsai, Barbara Corcoran, Larry King, Donald Trump, and Jennifer Capriati are just a few of the names that have helped the first book now go into it’s 17th printing!), utilizing 400 experts in different fields on how to achieve goals and live life more efficiently.  She is also the founder of the very first marketing firm/talent agency, Ettus Media Management, working with personality driven brands, while also using her extensive knowledge around brand building to write an unbelievable column in ForbesWoman as well.  She is also a TV Personality and sought after public speaker who has appeared frequently on a variety of national TV shows including the TODAY Show, The Early Show, The O’Reilly Factor, Inside Edition, and Your World with Neil Cavuto and who’s work have been covered in Us Magazine, Crain’s, Inc., and The New York Times.  And if all that wasn’t enough, she holds a BA and MBA from Harvard! Kade Nation also has to check out her online talk show (I called her “The Female Me!”) called Obssessed TV where she interviews the most intriguing people in America ranging from Al Roker to Jason Binn to Liz Lange to Dylan Lauren. Amazing, amazing woman!