Maira Kalman is one of the true treasures of the literary and art community of NYC, having written and illustrated 13 children’s books, with her most recent being a collaboration called “13 Words” with Lemony Snicket (This is the pen name of Daniel Handler who authored the second most popular children’s book saga with “A Series Of Unfortunate Events” behind Harry Potter which was made into a blockbuster movie starring Jim Carrey), and 8 adult books, recently illustrating the #1 Bestseller by Michael Pollan “Food Rules”, and another, “And The Pursuit Of Happiness” acting as a bestselling visual illustrated book for adults in 2009, which was a year long exploration of American History and democracy beginning with a story on the inauguration of Barack Obama.  She is a frequent contributor to The New Yorker Magazine, and is well known for her collaboration with Rick Meyerowitz on the “New Yorkistan” cover in 2001 (One of the most famous covers in the magazine’s illustrious history following the attacks of 09/11). Maira is currently creating an illustrated column for The New Yorker based on travels to museums and libraries, and other recent projects include illustrating Strunk and White’s classic The Elements of Style and is releasing a new book that will focus on Abraham Lincoln, with a bit of a comedic flair (It’s great to hear her talk about dating him in the interview below), and was recently on The Colbert Report.  She is creative genius personified!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the artistic treasure that is Maira Kalman to talk about her truly iconic literary and illustrative career in detail, her bestselling books including “And The Pursuit Of Happiness”, what her first date with Abraham Lincoln would look like, what it was like to be on “The Colbert Report” and why he took it so easy on her, and sooo much more!  We did this amazingly hilarious and fun interview in her apartment and she couldn’t have been a more interesting,  sweeter and cooler woman, who was tremendously witty and refreshingly unique in how she perceived the world (She doesn’t watch TV, is barely on the internet, and didn’t know who many of the Reality Stars or TV stars that I interview are).  We also laughed after the interview about how I mispronounced Michael Pollan’s name (I said “Polian” always thinking that was what it was), but I’m sure he won’t mind because I am a HUGE fan of “Food Rules”.  Enjoy Kade Nation!

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Maira Kalman
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