It is my current favorite show on TV.  It has been called the “Adult Jersey Shore” debuting to 2.2 million viewers on VH1 (Almost double the debut of Jersey Shore and the number 2 show right now on all of Cable TV behind Jersey Shore), and it features four of the funniest and most controversial personalities ever put on TV who put it all out there in full effect for the world to see.  They are all in some fashion “Allegedly” related to La Cosa Nostra (One of the stars, Karen Gravano, is even the daughter of the most famous informant in Mafia history, Sammy “The Bull” Gravano), and the show was created by Jennifer Graziano (Her sister Renee’ is also one of the stars, and their father has been “Allegedly” called the current “Consigliere” of the Bonnano Crime Family which means he is third in line to the top) who I had the chance to also meet last night with Drita (Jennifer was beyond sweet and accommodating and we discussed the creation of the show, and I told her “You are a genius.  Casting is perfect”)

Arguably the biggest and most famous star of the show has become Drita D’Avanzo, whose husband Lee, is currently serving time, and it’s her tough girl, ultra honest, ultra raw personality, that has taken the show to another level and turned her into an overnight sensation.  One moment she is crying, another she is telling Lee to go fuck himself while he is telling her what groceries to bring to jail, and other moments she may be pulling someones hair and trying “To knock them out”, but the one thing that can be said is that she is pure entertainment.  I will also say that she is SUPER sexy in real life (She is tall and very “Model looking”), and couldn’t have been sweeter, very open about her life, and more accommodating as we chilled in her green room pre and post interview.

Watch as the “King Of Philadelphia” sits down with Drita and we talk about Mob Wives and what’s to come on the show, her relationship with Karen Gravano (Who came out of FBI exile and returned to Staten Island) as well as the rest of the cast, how crazy and over the top Albanian women can be, the affect that fame has had on her and her family, her relationship with Lee in jail (I told her I’d would ask her out but he may kill me), and she even tells me “I’ll knock you the fuck out!!” at one point.  Thank you Bobby Capone and Alfie for setting this up!!!  Definitely one of my favorite interviews ever!!!

And Also a HUGE Kade Style Shout out to my man, NY Times Bestselling Author and EXTRA Personality, Steve Santagati (His interview last week on my blog was a HUGE hit!!!), who just interviewed the woman who overtook Oprah on Forbes Most Influential People in Entertainment list, Lady GagaAmazing interview Steve!!! I see the tips I gave you during our interview and day hanging out really came in handy ;)!!!