All I can say is…What an amazing night to be backstage and interview some of the biggest/fastest rising stars in the world starting with Hip Hop Royalty in Lil’ Jon (The man who brought Atlanta”Crunk” rap to a new level), to the man being called “The Next Usher” in Jason Derulo, to an MTV VMA Best New Artist Nominee 2011 in Kreayshawn, to a Multi-Platinum Artist/Producer in Iyaz (Replay was #2 on Billboard and he’s called the Hit Machine), to a Pussycat Doll in Jessica Sutta, to a Reality Star in Angelina Pivarnick to one of the fastest rising names in hip hop who did his first hit song with 50 Cent, and the new one has Snoop Dogg and Iyaz on it, in Mann (His next album is being produced by J.R. Rotem, the man who does Sean Kingston, Derulo, Iyaz, and so many more!!), and finally the woman who’s latest dance hit, “Dirty Talk”, was just the #1 dance song on Billboard in Wynter Gordon (Atlantic Records superstar)… and also to meet 50 Cent and Pete Wentz was an amazing thrill as well!! A HUGE “Kade Style” thank you to Cary at Promo for putting on such an amazing event with so many big name artists (I owe you dinner for last night for all the work and connecting), Steve of Beluga Heights (You were amazing man!!), Zach at Beluga Heights, and the peeps at Warner Bros. Records and Atlantic Records for helping me with everything!!!  Enjoy the amazing interviews with some amazing artists and talents!!  I can’t explain how truly grateful and blessed I am sometimes!!

1) Lil Jon’-Does he really even need an intro?!?! I’ll sum it up with “Yeah!! and Okay!!!…I mean seriously he’s a legend!!!

2) Jason Derulo-The man being called “The next Usher” is already a Multi-Platinum sensation at 21 years old, and has crossed into the Pop “A-List”, and his new album will take him to the next level!!

3) Kreayshawn-She is one of the fastest rising stars in Hip Hop, being nominated for the MTV VMA Best New Artist of the year award of 2011 (The last two winners have been Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber) for her breakout song “Gucci Gucci”, and just signed a sick deal with Columbia Records!! She is all about Swaggin’

4) Iyaz-Discovered by Sean Kingston, he became a Multi-Platinum artist when he went to #2 on the Billboard 200 with his hit “Replay”, then another Billboard Top 30 hit with “Solo”,a dn his new song “Pretty Girls” with Travie McCoy is his newest hit, and he has a new sick album on the way!!

5) Wynter Gordon-She’s being called “The next big thing” and “Top 11 artists to break out in 2011”, and is signed to mega label Atlantic Records, and her first hit “Dirty Talk” hit #1 on The Billboard Dance Charts!! She has also written hit songs for the likes of Mary J. Blige, Flo Rida, David Guetta, Leighton Meester, Estelle, and Jennifer Lopez (4 of the songs on the new album are written by her!), and is touring with Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy (It’s sold out!!).

6) Mann-One of the hottest young stars in Hip Hop and Rap!! He’s signed to Beluga Heights Records (Jason Derulo, Iyaz), and his album is being produced by the “StarMaker” himself,  J.R. Rotem, and his first video “Buzzin” featuring 50 Cent was crazy, and his latest hit features Snoop Dogg and Iyaz!! He was even brought up on stage by 50 Cent at the end of the night to perform and his new album “Manns World” is dropping soon.

7) Jessica Sutta-She’s a former Pussycat Doll…Enough said!! HUGE Star in the making with Hollywood Records!!

8) Angelina Pivarnick-Former star of Jersey Shore, and many great things happening with her music and a potential TV Show in the works..