I was privileged to be able to cover much of the Annual Charlie Mack “Party For Peace” Celebrity Weekend which culminated with an amazing  children’s talent show on Saturday night with a surprise appearance and truly inspirational speech by the world’s biggest movie star, Will Smith (I spent a ton of time talking to him at the movie premiere although he didn’t do any press or interviews, and all I can say is that he is one of the most inspirational and humble human beings I have ever met, and it was a life changing experience to be able to experience his aura, see how he treats his fans, and how truly genuine a person he is), and then was on the Red Carpet on Sunday for the premiere of Charlie Mack’s movie, “Streets” (It was awesome, and I would compare it to a modern version of “New Jack City”, featuring “One Life To Live” star, Nafessa Williams, Mega-Rapper Meek Mill under Rick Ross’ Label MMG, and newcomer Marvin Warner, who did an amazing job!) directed by the very up and coming Jamal Hill, who has worked on many of Will’s movies.  The event had SOOO much star power, and every major media outlet covered it,  and even outside of the names listed above, I was able to meet and network with stars like Charlie Mack (Will’s good friend and former bodyguard), Kenny Gamble (Hall Of Fame Music Producer), Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends), Terrence J (Host, BET’s 106 and Park), Lil Mama, (America’s Best Dance Crew), Cedric Ceballos (NBA All Star),  Rodney “DarkChild” Jerkins (Grammy Winning Music Producer), Tocarra Jones (America’s Next Top Model), Michael Rashid (CEO Keystone Mercy), Terry Crews (Actor), Allen Payne (House Of Payne), Mike Vick, and sooo many more who all came out for the weekend to support an amazing cause!  I had videos interviewing some of these stars from Saturday at the teen challenge, but due to lighting and sound issues can’t really use them, but here are my interviews/pictures with the celebs that were on the Red Carpet for the premiere of “Streets” as well as it’s cast (On a side note, Nafessa Williams is already a star on “One Life To Live”, but when I tell you this girl is something special and destined for greatness, get ready to see her name on Billboards soon!).

Here is me with Will Smith as we chatted outside the “Streets” premiere about my career, his inspirational rise to the top of Hollywood, his advice on never forgetting where you come from and who your true friends are, and staying humble and faith driven no matter how much success you achieve.  It was a “Pinch me” moment in my life to become friends with him.  I can not stress how classy and elegant this man is, and how supportive he was of the whole weekend!  I was truly in awe of him after talking to him and watching how he conducts himself with each person! If you want to see how respectful and cool he is, watch the Kenny Gamble (Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, Music Producer of 170 Gold /Platinum Albums!) interview below and at the end where Will pops in to say hello (It’s really quick) and honor him and cuts me short, but that’s a reason I can live with!

Only CBS and ArthurKade.com got to actually interview A-List movie star Tyrese Gibson of Transformers and The Fast And Furious!!

The Legend of all legends!! Kenny Gamble of Gamble and Huff who is one of the most legendary producers in Music History!

Jill Marie Jones was “Toni Childs” on the CW’s 8 season run of “Girlfriends”.  A very sucessful show

A star in the making!! Watch as she talks about working on the movie and sitting at dinner next to Will Smith!

Another star on the rise!! When you have the support of Will Smith’s OverBrook Entertainment, you will do OK..