Tom Epperson is the perfect example of everything great about “Show Business” because he is a success that took a decade plus of hard work, many failures, and never ever giving up to happen!!  Tom, along with his childhood best friend, Billy Bob Thornton (Yep..that Billy Bob Thornton!), came to LA (You have to listen to the interview below to understand the hilariousness and greatness of their journey that I think should be turned into a book/movie on it’s own!), and after years and years of “Trying to get their big break”, Tom has become one of the fastest rising stars in the Literary community and Screenwriting world.  He is the cowriter, with Billy Bob Thornton, of A Family Thing (starring Robert Duvall and James Earl Jones, nominated for the Humanitas Prize), One False Move (named as one of the year’s best films by a number of top critics), and The Gift (directed by Sam Raimi, and starring Cate Blanchett, Keanu Reeves, and Hillary Swank) and the newest one Jayne Mansfield’s Car (Also co-written and directed by Billy Bob Thornton which just killed it at the Berlin Film Festival starring Thornton, Robert Duvall, John Patrick Amedori, Kevin Bacon, John Hurt, Ray Stevenson and Robert Patrick ), and his first book “The Kind One” was nominated for an Edgar and Barry award for Best Debut Novel, and his newest “Sailor” has opened to incredible reviews and some of the best in the business saying things like this:

“This book is as au courant as any crime-fiction novel or neo-noir flick, but its themes (courage, morality, loyalty, grace under pressure) are as old as Hemingway or Lao-tzu….Mr. Epperson delivers his text through third-person points of view, in a manner both cinematic and Chekhovian; it underscores the interconnectedness of these disparate characters and indicates an interplay of good and evil, dark and light….What Sailor might remind one of is the 1950s film Shane, in which a taciturn loner, trying to leave behind a violent history, is pushed into violence again to protect the family of which he has become a surrogate part. But Sailor extends that trope with an emotional ending that ripples through past, present and future, like a pebble tossed in a haiku pond.”—The Wall Street Journal “A 21st century noir novel. . . . Deftly captures a fun-house reflection of a brave new world where crime and criminals have gone global, entering partnerships to encourage synergies between the skill sets of each…. The story may be dark, but Gray’s road to redemption has flashes of black humor, mostly courtesy of one of the most inspired collections of offbeat to plain psycho characters ever written.– Los Angeles Times

“Sailor is a modern-day fable, compelling and heartbreaking. It will grab you from page one and keep you a grateful hostage until its surprising and moving conclusion.” 
—Robert Crais, New York Times bestselling author of The Sentry

“Employing spare, almost hallucinatory prose, and a keen eye for detail, Tom Epperson has created an unforgettable cast of characters set against a sun-bleached noir background. By turns frightening and darkly comic, Sailor is the literary equivalent of a Coen brothers film.”
—Eric Van Lustbader, New York Times bestselling author of Blood Trust

“Simply a great thriller—full of action but about people, tough but not bleak, fast and yet thoughtful. Highly recommended.”
—Lee Child

“Sailor is a great read! Just as you think you know where you’re going, Tom Epperson throws another twist in your path. Style and story, I loved it all.”
—Michael Connelly, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Harry Bosch novels

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the awesomely “Genius” (Watch the interview to understand this quote) author and screenwriter Tom Epperson to talk about his incredible journey from Malvern, Arkansas to Hollywood success, his long-lasting friendship with one of my favorites Billy Bob Thornton, how his wife saved his career and his life,  his new book “Sailor” and new movie “Jayne Mansfield’s Car”, and sooo much more!!  Tom was such a great guy and fun interview, truly one of the guys that you root for, and is everything awesome about this business!!  Enjoy Kade Nation and make sure to pick up his newest hit book “Sailor”!!  HUGE Thank you to Lou at Barnes and Noble Upper West Side NYC for all his help!