A small, cute dog is a single man’s best friend. Yesterday, while having brunch at Rouge with Bling, Maverick, and Latina Angel, Radio Babe dropped off her 4-pound yorkie for me to baby-sit (he had a pink leash). I had him for an hour, and must have had 15 random women of all ages come up to me to comment on how cute he is. It is an amazing pick up tool, and makes a man look like he is caring and vulnerable, so it attracts women even more. Once I become a little more settled with my career, this will have to be my next large purchase so I can attract women just walking around in Philadelphia or NYC.

I received a call at Rouge from Denzel, who told me that his former client, Rick Ross (the rapper), was in town to do a concert. We went over to the Ritz Carlton to hook up with his crew and chill before the concert, and ending up hanging with his manager, Gucci Pucci, the whole day. He was super cool, all about business, and it was great because I was the only white guy in the crew, so Ross’s boys looked at me like I was cross-eyed, and at one point actually asked Denzel who I was. Denzel told them I was “his Jewish boy”, and that “he can take care of anything for you in Philly.” Gabbana and her crew from EModa came to meet us as well to interview and photograph him, but Ross is very private, and it took 5 hours to even get to him, and by then I was so tired that I needed to go home and chill before the black tie event I was attending that night. Gabbana said that when she walked into his hotel room he was wearing nothing but a tank top and boxers (the life of a rapper must be great). While leaving, I ran into Kevin Johnson, former player for the Phoenix Suns, and mayor of Sacramento, who talked with me for a bit, and took a picture.

I met Radio Babe, Dolce, and Samantha Jones at the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park for the Red Ball, and when I walked in Dolce told me “you look great!!” (This is ironic because she usually is one of the biggest bull busters in my life). The event was beautiful with great food, well dressed people, and even a live carousel, but there were not many hot women and I found myself getting bored. We hung out for a while and decided to head to G Lounge. It was funny because two random girls yelled at me “ArthurKade.com”, and I told Radio Babe “it’s hard being a celebrity.”

G Lounge was off the hook, filled with celebs including Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, and Carlton from the “Fresh Prince of Bel Air”. We had tables reserved right next to Jamie’s because Denzel texted us that he was coming with Ross and his crew, but they never ended up showing so we chilled with Gerard, Jamie and Tim (Butler’s stunt man). I ended up befriending Gerard’s private acting coach, who told me he liked my look (he told me “you have leading man looks”) and persistence, and he gave me his cell phone, and asked me to call him on Monday to grab dinner before he heads home to LA. He told me he works with “many famous people”, and I told him about my journey and how I’m blogging it; he told me how courageous that was and that people should “be inspired”. Overall, an amazing and productive day that helped me meet several people that could be instrumental to my journey.

Tomorrow, I will be finalizing my demo tape for QVC, and I will be sending it to them as soon as it’s complete, as well as posting it on the blog.