With the premiere of their new movie at the NY International Film Festival around the corner, “The Red Corvette” (Directed by the ultra talented Frank Lisi, who’s first movie, “A Sicilian Tale” received unbelievable critical reviews), it’s time to see two interesting interviews with actors who have helped create legendary characters in movies such as Casino and the greatest show in TV history, The Sopranos, specifically Vinny Vella and Artie Pasquale!  Having seen a sneak preview of the movie, it looks absolutely amazing, and super character driven, and I can’t wait to see it at the premiere in NYC!

1) Vinny Vella-One of the great mob actors of our time, having played the scene stealing Artie Piscano in Martin Scorsese’s “Casino”, and Jimmy Petrille on “The Sopranos”.  A legendary character actor who’s voice and mannerisms are one of a kind!!

2) Artie Pasquale- How many actors get to say that they worked for four seasons on one of the greatest shows in the history of TV, but Artie Pasquale, who played mobster Burt Gervasi on “The Sopranos” can!

3) Valerie Weiss-I also had the chance to interview a very up and coming director, who’s first movie “Losing Control”, has been the talk of the Philadelphia Film Festival, closed the Vail Film Festival, and is on a whirlwind festival tour that has seen her win “Top Female Filmmaker” at the 2011 Chicago Comedy Film Festival!!  This movie was great and is generating a HUGE amount of buzz in town making Valerie a name to be reckoned with..