Arthur Kade remembers playing in an AAU game where he dropped 4 treys, and dished out 5 assists, and there were several college coaches watching and when one asked my coach about The Brand, my coach answered, “If you ask him to break the star on the other team’s legs, he will do it without blinking”, and I came home, got really upset, and told Mama Kade, “I was one of the best players on the court today, and all he could say was that I would break someone’s legs?”, and she replied, “One day you will understand how much of a compliment he really just paid you. There will always be better players than you Arthur, but what no one else has is your will power and drive, and that’s what he was saying. That’s what will distinguish you in life”, and I joked back as I was crying, “How?? By calling me a hitman??”. It is that moment that was the first time Arthur Kade realized that he was a “Soldier”, a person who will fight to the death for a cause that he believes in, a super-human/half-man/half-mammal invention of nature that was born to be a wrecking ball of society, and that is when I made the choice in my head that I will never settle or share the victory with anyone. That philosophy is what has made “The Journey” move so quickly, made Arthur Kade into an M.I.M. (Mogul In the Making), made me into a celebrity, rising actor and author, and on the cusp of becoming a Hollywood “A-Lister”, but it also sometimes one of my biggest weaknesses because I look at challenges that are in front of me, and forget the strategy that is sometimes needed to win the war.

As I was discussing this weekend with Papa Kade this morning (It was a much lower key weekend then usual spent working on the TV Show, The Book, and The Craft, trying to get my bearing straight from the KadeDance Domination that I had just administered in Park City (I have been doing so much follow up, and have several meetings set up with “Bizzers” who are dying to collaborate with the brilliance that is me and my blog, and the multiple press requests and radio interviews that I had to do this week), I told her, “There are situations in my life right now that go against who I am. You know me, and I don’t like to share, or wait for things to happen. I am the guy who bets the house and let’s the chips fall where they may, and right now I find myself realizing that things don’t work that way, or it’s not the smartest way to go, and it’s tearing me apart inside because I feel like I am in a boxing ring and can’t throw a punch as someone is trying to knock me out”, and he replied, “Remember when Ali fought Foreman in Africa (The Brand loves the fact that his dad compares him to the greatest boxer of all time when discussing his majestic life), and did that whole “”Rope A Dope”" thing to get him tired and waited for his opportunity, and then in one round unloaded everything he had on him to win? Sometimes in life you have to learn to sit back and let the other guy throw punches, and just wait until you have the perfect chance to respond with one killer flurry to knock him out”, and The Brand smiled and said back, “So you’re saying I need to Rope-A-Dope right now?”, and he joked back, “The problem is that you’re the dope, but seriously you need to learn to analyze your opponents and situations, and know when and how to fight, and when to retire, and when the fight is not really worth the effort at all. The key to life is pick your battles carefully”.

Growing up on welfare, I always wore the worst clothes, never had brushed hair, and smelled badly because my grandmother couldn’t really afford to shower me all the time, but one of my favorite memories is playing at the J.C.C. (Jewish Community Centers for all my Non-Jew Kade Nation members out there) and Papa Kade had just bought me the newest Optimus Prime Transformer that weekend that no one had, and every kid was trying to play with me because they wanted to touch my beautiful huge toy, and one kid told me when I wouldn’t let him play with it, “Go back and play in the dirt where you belong”, and I proceeded to beat him senseless using Optimus Prime as a battering club on his head, getting me suspended from school for 3 days. When Mama Kade came to get me there, the teacher said to her, “I hate to say it, but I’m happy your son did that because someone needed to teach that boy a lesson in manners”.

Arthur Kade is a complex make up of a person who has lived an orgasmic life filled with threesomes, six-figure incomes since 19 years old, and a habit of never failing at anything he does (This is why when Gen Poppers ask me “What’s your Plan B if “‘The Journey”" doesn’t make it?” I respond, “Do you really think I walked away from a “”Dream Life”" not to make it? I don’t know any other way than to win, and I WILL win at all costs”), but the one thing he is about to learn in the next stage of his life, is when to fight, and when to sit against the ropes and wait until it’s his time to strike or to not fight at all and choose the next battle.

Top 3 Moments of a Relaxed “Kade Style” weekend:

1) Running into a Philly 9.2 with an unbelievably sexy body and super dark personality of shadiness and allure and was an amazing kisser that could have made me cumb in my pants if she wanted that that makes me want to take her into the bathroom when I see her and “Kade” the shit out of her, that I had recently hooked up with in the Mogul Room at G, but while we were making out at Recess that first night, she skipped out at 4AM and I never heard from her again. When I saw her this weekend, I grabbed her and said “Your ready to do some shots?” figuring that Round 2 was around the corner, and after a few drinks I felt like the vibe was off, and then I overheard her talking to another suitor who asked her, “Why are you hanging out with him”, and she said, “Free Drinks”, so I confronted her about it and said, “I am happy to know that is what I’m good for” and she denied it and said she was trying not to sound interested to the guy and proceeded to buy me our next round of shots, and when I saw her at ZBar I thought, “I have a line of girls trying to get in my pants, and you just got kicked out of it” and went on to getting the number of the next girl.

2) Watching an amazing movie directed by Tom Ford and starring Fellow Crafter Colin Firth, “The Single Man”, made me think about how there are Gen Poppers out there who truly stop living life, and forget how beautiful it all can be. There is a scene where Firth’s character who is gay, is being picked up by a wanna be model/actor, and offers to “Take A Ride With Him”, and instead Firth asks for a cigarette and watches the sunset and how fab it looks, and I felt tears in my eyes because I asked myself, “When is the last time you looked at beauty and admired it instead of just worrying about Lil’ Oscar or what Vagina will be on top of you next?” I may have to take a girl on a date and head to the Art Museum just to feel cultured again.

3) Going bowling last night at North Bowl in “No-Libs” (The nickname for Northern Liberties given to it by it’s Hipster brethren), I looked around at the friends I was with, and thought, “There is no place and no one else I would rather be here in this moment with right now, and it was the first time in a long time I forgot that I was Arthur Kade-Growing Global Icon, and was just Arthur Kade, the “Guy’s Guy”. It has been so long since I have felt Normal and not being looked at or treated like a prized fighter or thoroughbred that it was nice just to eat my bacon tater-tots, drink a Gen Pop beer, and smile and joke with the Fans. Being a celebrity is a very lonely life sometimes, but it’s those brief moments that The Brand takes a deep breath and smiles and relaxes.

“Some Kids need an Ivy League Education to prove they are something. Well, Arthur Kade got accepted into Ivy League schools, but his Algon Ave. education was more valuable”…Arthur Kade…02/01/10

Here are pics and vids from The Balls Ass “Black Tie Gala Event at The Opening Of The Philadelphia Car Show that I decided to make an appearance at, and the rest of a “Unique” weekend for The Brand. I am also debating getting a dog before my final move to KA this year and have begun to look for one, and it looks like I was just booked to work on one of the biggest TV Shows in the world on Thursday, and am just waiting for a confirm phone call before I announce it.