She is an absolutely drop dead gorgeous (My jaw hit the ground when I first met her, and I told her “If this show didn’t work out you could’ve easily been on the catwalk in Milan or Paris!) and awesome star of VH1’s number 1 show,  “BasketBall Wives”, which is entering it’s 4th season (In Reality Show Years that’s like a Golden Anniversary) and scored it’s highest ratings yet last season, and has had one of the most provocative and captivating story lines on all of mainstream TV, having been married for 10 years to NBA player Eric Williams, but through the first 3 seasons of the show going through a tough and somewhat messy public divorce from him showing the real life difficulties of being married to a professional basketball player .  Through it all, she has maintained an amazing ability to grow, adapt, and flourish, and become an extremely successful entrepreneur and advocate for charitable causes becoming a principal owner of Flirty Girl Fitness, an upscale women’s studio with locations in Toronto and Chicago, and creating an awesome Lip Gloss Line called Lucid Cosmetics (Check out the line linked here!!) that she was beaming about in our interview, and also co-founding Project Save the World. This charity supports many different causes such as breast cancer, youth violence and most recently the devastating effects of the earthquake in Haiti.  The goal of Project Save the World is to save the world one mission at a time, and raised a tremendous amount of money for all of these causes..

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the unbelievably beautiful and super awesome star of “BasketBall Wives” (On a personal note I have to share that she was unbelievably cool and humble, and tremendously intelligent and a savvy entrepreneur.  I was incredibly impressed and taken back with how complete a total package she was and how lucky a man who gets to hang out with her would be!), Jennifer Williams, while she makes an appearance at one of the coolest events around, “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” (An awesome charity event that will take place semi monthly with a new celebrity hosting a private dinner at the beautiful Waterfront Cafe with this one having a ton of Eagle’s wives and media personalities in attendance including the other half of Philadelphia’s Favorite son right now interviewed below) and we talk about everything from the difficulties of being married to a professional athlete, the rumors in the press of a new boyfriend, her new venture in Lucid Cosmetics, who out of her cast she would want to be stuck on an island with, whether or not I stood a chance at getting a date, and sooo much more!! She was a joy to interview and get to know, and an enormous thank you to her manager Deanna for putting this together, the always wonderful Carmena Ayo-Davies (President of 3BG Marketing Solutions and PR maven who is such a sweetheart and put together some really awesome events for her clients) who put together an awesome event with a top notch turn out, and Markeem Kendall (Owner of the beautiful WaterView Lounge)..Enjoy Kade Nation!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with Kijafa Frink, the other half of Philadelphia’s biggest star right now, the starting quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, #7 Mike Vick, as well an an unbelievably successful entrepreneur who created a super successful fashion line called PNK Elephant, co-founded with Blair Sandlain, which is the buzz in fashion right now with celebs wearing her stuff, and a high end flagship store in Philadelphia.  She is also the executive producer of the docu-drama series on BET about her life with Mike Vick and his rebuilding of his life and image after being released from jail, which really showed his amazing turn around (I know that many people have strong feelings about what happened, but his turnaround and dedication to helping make a positive impact on society now is nothing short of incredible and I commend him for having the courage to come back from the depths of darkness in his life to rebuild his career, life, and image, and become such a role model to people and he has become Philadelphia’s favorite son in doing that!!), and is just an awesome, awesome, awesome girl who couldn’t have been more fun to interview and hang out with!!

And here is an interview with the awesome Markeem Kendall, the owner of the beautiful venue for “Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?” who couldn’t have been more gracious and hospitable to all of us all night..Thanks again man!!