The Style Network launches a new show debuting August 6th called “Hot Listings Miami” with the stunning Florida real estate tycoon Katrina Campins.  Katrina is an alum of the first season of “The Apprentice” and one of the country’s premiere real estate brokers. Katrina has forayed her initial media exposure into a multitude of television appearances, most notably as a correspondent on Fox News. She has also appeared and had properties featured on NBC, VH1!, HGTV, SiTV, Topps TV, CNN, CNBC, ESPN, MTV, Bloomberg TV, and BBC.

Her career in real estate began when she “flipped” her first investment property at age seventeen. Katrina garnered her first six-figure commission check while still a student at the University of Miami, where she majored in International Finance + Marketing, and she graduated with a 4.0 GPA.

In 2004, Katrina co-founded The Campins Company and has constructed an “A” list roster of clientele consisting of celebrities, athletes and entertainers. She has personally represented over 342 athletes, celebrities and entertainers with their real estate and relocation needs throughout the U.S. Katrina is among the most visible and successful real estate professionals in the country and her sales production ranks her among the top 1/2 percent of Realtors®.  In demand for her knowledge of innovative business negotiations that extend far beyond the realm of real estate, Ka­trina has been featured in numerous publications including her recognition as Realtor Magazine’s “Top 30 Under 30? in 2004, Forbes, USA Today, NY Post, NY Times, Sports Illustrated, Ocean Drive, ESPN, Player Magazine, Variety Magazine, the covers of People Magazine, US Weekly, In Touch, and many more.

Katrina’s courtship with television blossomed to a fast-paced love affair with the multi-faceted convergent media that has transcended the realm of real estate where she made her mark at an early age. Katrina credits the influence and guidance of Donald Trump with expanding her aspirational horizons. And whereas Trump provided the catalyst for Katrina’s diversification, what has followed since The Apprentice, has been the product of Katrina’s intelligent business acumen, her passion for people, and her desire to branch out into a host of related industries, all aimed at fostering individual empowerment.

Known for her commercial prowess, negotia­tion skills, market knowledge and no-nonsense, results-driven approach, Katrina is re-writing the paradigm for the modern business woman, and she is doing it one idea and one person at a time.

Katrina sits down with Arthur Kade to discuss family, marriage, the ever growing south Florida real estate market and the rigors of juggling all of them.