Dan Rather, simply put, is Television and Journalism royalty.  As the iconic anchor and face of the CBS Evening News for an astonishing 24 years (He is television’s longest running anchor in history and was with CBS for 43 years before his controversial departure), Dan helped define the way TV News is created and shown to the American public, and in the process has become one of the country’s most revered and decorated journalists in history.  At 81 years young, Dan remains one of America’s great voices while hosting his incredible show “Dan Rather Reports” on the Mark Cuban owned AXS TV (He was just nominated for 2 Emmys!), he has just released his NY Times Bestselling memoir “Rather Outspoken”, and continues to travel the world in search of breaking and sharing the next great story.  In February 1962, Dan started with CBS and continued with the network until March of 2005, covering everything from the Kennedy Assassination, to the space race, to political conventions, to wars in Vietnam, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan, and the horrific attack on New York City on September 11. He has interviewed Presidents, Dictators (His story about interviewing Saddam Hussein at Baghdad Palace in the interview below will give you chills), World Leaders, Hollywood Movie Stars, and Various other People who have helped shape the course of our history, and through it all, he did it with class, a genuine nature, and a feisty and distinct personality defined with “Ratherisms” that made him one of the best to ever get on camera.  A true icon!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the incomparable Dan Rather in his AXS TV Office in Times Square, NYC, to talk about his “Rather Outspoken” life covering and creating history, his controversial departure following the famous Bush Texas National Guard Report, how we are both enormous fans of HBO’s “The Newsroom” (He writes a review each week for Gawker), the difference between the way news is created today versus during Dan’s CBS Tenure, his “Super Bowl” moment, who some of his favorite people to interview were, sitting down 1 on 1 with Saddam Hussein in Baghdad Palace, and sooo much more!!  To say that having the opportunity to interview one of the greatest “Interviewers” is humbling would be the understatement of the year.  Dan Rather is not only one of my idols, but a truly wonderful man in person who couldn’t have been more sincere and humble, and is a shining example to everyone on what a rich and fulfilling career in media and journalism doing it the “Right Way” should be.  Enjoy Kade Nation!

And here are some of Dan’s recent television appearances as well!

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Dan Rather
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