When Madonna comes on stage in front of close to 100k people to personally introduce and perform with you, and then calls you “Amazing” as you are headlining one of music’s most popular and prestigious events in the Ultra Music Festival, then it’s safe to say that you have become one of music’s greatest names, but for Tim Bergling, or as the rest of the world now knows him, Avicii, becoming the greatest DJ Prodigy of our lifetimes and one of music’s current most influential and popular talents is all in a day’s work.  At just 22 (I mean did I really just write that number?), Avicii has become the #6 DJ in the world trailing on the ultimate DJ Mag rankings (It is the Holy Bible for DJ’s and he jumped from #39 to #6 in just one year) only icons like Guetta, Van Buuren, Tiesto, Deadmau5, and Above and Beyond, and considering that his already iconic career only started in 2008, it is very easy to imagine that he will soon be at the top of the list, and holding on to it for a long time.  His hit “Levels” with the incredible Etta James sample was the single that brought him into mainstream popularity here in the US, but after the reception that he just received at the Ultra Music Festival, a Grammy Nomination for his collaboration with David Guetta on “Sunshine”, the incredible respect shown by music’s greatest female icon of the last 50 years at Ultra, and a headlining show in London simply billed “Avicii In London” which is going to be one of the most attended shows in history, it’s safe to say that 2012 is gearing up to be the “Year Of Avicii”.  We are witnessing the beginnings of the greatest DJ/Producer of our generation, and a “LeBron James-Like” career because Avicii is achieving and doing things never done so quickly by almost any artist of his genre, actually any genre, so enjoy the ride!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the “Amazing Avicii” (Pretty cool when I’m quoting Madonna on that) to talk about his incredibly fast rise to the top of the music kingdom, what it was like being introduced and then performing in front of the Ultra crowd by one of music’s greatest icons, his “Avicii In London” performance coming up in June and Coachella performance coming up next week, his incredible relationship with his management that has helped maximize his musical genius while not getting overwhelmed by the fame, the false rumors on the Internet about his new album (I mean it even got me!), his favorite moments so far and places to perform, and what lies ahead for one of music’s greatest young names!!  I have to say that Tim was one of the most humble, nice, and focused young men that you will ever meet, and it is easy to see why he is having so much success while tackling staying away from the pitfalls that come with his sudden fame, and it looks like there will no stopping the Avicii Train for decades to come!  Can you tell I’m a fan Kade Nation? An enormous thank you to the At Night Team who manages Tim including Carl and Felix for putting this together and doing such a great job!!

This is why Avicii is already being called the best young DJ ever!!!