There are few artists/personalities in music and pop culture that have had more of an influence then Bobby Rydell has.  How many people can say that The Beatles came up to THEM, and told them THEY were fans?  How many people can say that they have 34 Top 40 singles placing them in the top 5 of all time on the BillBoard charts while selling over 25 million records in a time pre-internet and iTunes!?!?  How many people can say that they sang with Sinatra, and Bennett, became one of the great touring club acts along with fellow icons Frankie Avalon and Fabian (“The Golden Boys” still selling out tours around the world after 6 decades!!!), and so many other fellow icons, and had a high school named after them (Rydell High) in what’s been called the greatest play of all time, “Grease”?  How many people can say that they were one of the most popular and earliest teen idols that stirred “Beatles-Like” hysteria around the world, and even had a 4 block radius of streets named after them (Bobby Rydell Blvd.) in their hometown?  How many people can say that they starred with Hollywood Royalty, Ann Margaret and Dick Van Dyke, in one of the most revered movies ever made, “Bye Bye Birdie”, as well as making making countless Network TV appearances alongside the legends of legends like Ed Sullivan, Jack Benny, George Burns, Milton Berle, Perry Como, and on American Bandstand?  How many people can say that they at 19 years old, were the youngest performer to ever headline one of the most famous of all music venues, The CopaBanana in NYC?  Bobby Rydell can say all these things, and this is why quotes like “Bobby is an American Music Treasure”, and “Rydell is one of the greatest and most influential performers of all time” is a common occurrence and what makes him perhaps Philadelphia’s greatest son!!

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with a music and Pop Culture icon, for an intimate interview looking back on 6 decades of greatness in one of the hardest businesses in the world, not getting a picture with The Beatles, his relationship with Sinatra and other greats, what keeps him going soo strong still touring and selling out venues around the world and plainly just recounting a life that is one of the most historic and unique in history..He is truly an American music legend, and getting to spend a few hours with him privately was one of the great moments of my life!!  I can’t describe how humble and down to Earth he was, and just being around him makes you feel history in a way that you can’t imagine..Enjoy Kade Nation!!