She is one of the hottest young designers in Hollywood with everyone from Lady Gaga to Lindsay Lohan to Demi Lovato to Miley Cyrus to Greyson Chance wearing and being photographed wearing her stuff, as well as being selected as the exclusive bracelet provider for the enormously popular Celeb-driven “NoH8” campaign that has had just about every A, B, and C list celebrity (Especially in the music business where she is so heavily tied into) posing to help an amazing cause!  Her bracelets, T-shirts, and clothing line have become one of the hottest attractions for today’s pop culture youth, leading to her actually being invited to tour with Mega-Bands and artists on The Warped Tour (There is nothing bigger for any kid interested in rock under 25 drawing 50,000 people per show in every city), and have also turned her into a celebrity (She has more twitter followers then most celebrities with many of them following her, and when I brought up her name to a 21 year old girl that I’m friends with, she went nuts saying “Jac Vanek is like the next big thing”), as well as help other amazing causes outside of NoH8 such as Invisible Children, PETA2, and Open Our Eyes.  I wear one of her bracelets all the time, and I have had many of the celebrities that I interview ranging from the “Mob Wives” to Trina request that Jac makes them a special bracelet with a specific saying that would be reflective of their brand.  Her brand is already HUGE with her line already appearing in department stores like Bloomingdales (If you want to see how ridiculously popular she is, check out the link I attached to the AOL profile below to see the line of fans waiting to meet her at one of their stores), and only getting bigger by the day with outlets like MTV,, and AOL’s “Just So You Know” (Who stole one of my famous lines and called her a “Mogul In The Making”) doing profiles of her and her various brands..Say hello to Jac Vanek!!

Here she sits down with “The King Of Kamelot” to talk about all of the amazing success that she has already in her early 20’s (She’s seriously only 23 and already built this using social media and organic growth tactics!!), the building of a jewelry/clothing empire-to-be, how she has built herself into a Warped Tour franchise and what the tour is like behind the scenes, what celebs wear her stuff and who she’s friends with in Hollywood, and soo much more…I loved doing this interview because she’s all personality and a blast to have hung out with!

Here are some of the biggest names in Music and Young Hollywood wearing her stuff including Lindsay Lohan, Emma Roberts, Demi Lovato, Miley Cyrus, Cisco Adler, Third Eye Blind, Lance Bass, Kat Von D, Lacey Schwimmer, and more!!