Dr. Mike Dow is not only the Author of Diet Rehab but Dow is also the co-host of Logo’s That Sex Show. In addition to co hosting, Dow has been featured on TLC’s Freaky Eaters, TLC’s My 600-lb Life Special, and on VH1’s Couples Therapy. Today in the lab, Arthur Kade sits down to talk with Dr. Mike Dow about the current season of Couples Therapy, letting us know that it is going to get very crazy. This season stars Joe Francis of the Girls Gone Wild Franchise as well as the always entertaining Flavor Flav. Dr. Mike points out the upcoming conflicts that will take place with the current cast members. Dow tells us more about how his brand fell into place, he says he never set out to work with celebrities but he happens to love what he does. Dow says,”Not only do I get to help the people on camera but I hope that millions of people are seeing these lessons”. Dow tells us about the level of improvement that he has brought to different couples on the show, he says “I think people are going to see some real life changing work”. Dow talks to us about reality television stars who come on the show believing it to be staged, he says that some of them are actually shocked to find out that the treatment is real. When dishing on celebrity egos and behaviors Dow says “I think these personalities by nature are very big and loud, so it is very interesting to put them all in one house”. Mike tells about his upcoming show on Logo called That Sex Show, he says the show stars himself, an ex porn star, Katie Morgan, and a psychic. In the show, the cast members break down the best sex, which Mike calls fun and crazy. For more on Dr. Mike Dow check out Couples Therapy Wednesdays on Vh1 at 10pm EDT.

Dr. Mike Dow In The Lab with @ArthurKade

Dr. Mike Dow on Wendy Williams right after chatting with Arthur #InTheLab