LeVar Burton has been an integral part of our Generation’s lives, entering our living rooms as the face of the iconic Reading Rainbow for 26 years until it’s end in 2006, or breaking racial barriers as Kunta Kinte in one of television’s most pioneering series “Roots”, and of course as Geordi LaForge in the long running franchise Star Trek: The Next Generation (One of my favorite shows as I discuss in detail with him in the extended interview).  After 2 years off from the Entertainment Business, he has now returned with perhaps his most important new role, introducing a whole new generation to the power and education of Reading Rainbow, by creating an absolutely remarkable “App” (Check it out in the video below!) that will hopefully power the new generation of children and pre-adults into a higher appreciation of literacy and the importance of reading at the finger tips of their iPad! This new Reading Rainbow app is a magical experience like none other currently offered in the smart device universe.

“As the Reading Rainbow television show brought kids back to their books, so too will this iPad application allow the next generation to get heavily invested in words once again.  The books inside the app have the ability to be read aloud by Burton as well as a set of hand-picked speakers (picked by Burton) and appear inside “a personalized backpack” that you (or your kid, of course) can design in-app. New books, videos, and “islands” will be added to the app “all the time” and all will be stored in an online library system where media can be checked out five at a time for offline use.”

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with one of his favorite actors, LeVar Burton, in NYC right after his brilliant appearance on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon to talk about the development of the Reading Rainbow Mobile App, the importance of reviving the franchise to millions of new people and carrying on it’s proud legacy, his memorable roles in some of TV’s great programs, my crush on Deanna Troi, his new series “Perception” on TNT debuting this month, why I am now mad at Jimmy Fallon, and we even role play a Commander LaForge/Captain Picard conversation.  Needless to say, what LeVar is doing with the team at Reading Rainbow (Huge Thank you to Kyle!) is not just vital to helping restore the wonderful ideals that the Reading Rainbow franchise built with my generation, but an important step for all media to recognize that right now in a period of great uncertainty, we have to return to the basics and use the technology we have at hand to increase knowledge and awareness in our children!  Enjoy Kade Nation!!

And here is LeVar on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon the night before sitting down with me!

And for more LeVar, here is the unedited extended interview!