Oren Peli is being called “The Next J.J. Abrams” (The famed creator of ABC’s “Lost” who has gone on to become one of the great creative minds and directors in Hollywood), because with his first creation, the mega Blockbuster hit “Paranormal Activity”, which he made on a budget of $15,000 and shot in 7 days, and that went on to gross $200 million Dollars worldwide, he created one of the most genuinely scary and authentic horror movies ever!  Not to mention that it is also the most profitable movie ever made, has spawned 2 more sequels, with a 3rd in the works, and took Oren from his natural trade of being a software/video game programmer, into becoming one of the most well respected creative minds in Hollywood, and the movie is now regarded as one of the most monumental phenomenons of the last decade because it received critical acclaim and was shot with a home camera.  Now, he has followed up “Paranormal Activity” with one of the most highly expected shows of the new season, ABC’s “The River”, which is executive produced by Steven Spielberg (Who was such a fan of Peli’s after he and Dreamworks purchased “Paranormal Activity”), and has an “American Horror Story” meets “Lost” meets “X-Files” feel to it, with each episode functioning as a mini horror movie on it’s own and debuting on February 7th.

Here “The King Of Kamelot” sits down with the acclaimed director and creator of one of the most unique movies ever made, to talk about what audiences should expect on his soon to be hit show on ABC, what inspired him to create “Paranormal Activity”, what it was like to work with the one of the greatest entertainment minds of our generation Steven Spielberg,  what being called “The Next J.J. Abrams means to him, and sooo much more!!  Enjoy Kade Nation!