Michael Ian Black is one of my favorites, because outside of being a brilliant comedy mind, and having a really cool acting career (The State, VH1, Stella, etc..), he is one of the funniest people in person to interview on the planet.  His incredible dry wit and unique ability to tell a story or make a hilarious point is why his new book “You’re Not Doing It Right” is about to hit the NY Times Bestseller List just like his first one did!  The book is a must read (I read it in one night!) because in it he speaks to turning 40, his marriage and relationship with his wife, his suburban life with kids, thoughts about divorce, his constant back and forth with his career,  and the constant need to figure out and “Accept” who he is.  With that being said he has produced one of the funniest, most original books that you will read in a long time and ultimately asks “How did I end up here?!”  I found the book so raw, so honest, and so easy to connect with in my own life, because it’s a question we all face as we look at our own lives, but Michael Ian Black tells his story as only Michael Ian Black could tell it and by the end you see what’s it’s like to answer that question and be OK with it.

Also, make sure to go out and see Michael tomorrow at his next book signing in PA…Here’s the info because I was in NYC for this interview with him at The Strand Bookstore (One of the coolest places in NYC with miles and miles of books and a rare book room that is amazing!!) and it was completely sold out, and had some celebrity appearances as well from Emmy Nominee Josh Charles from CBS’s The Good Wife and Michael Showalter (Who were both super cool to meet!!) so show up early!! 

Tuesday March 6th At 7:00 PM    


301 Main Street

EXTON, PA  19341

An enormous thank you to Kristin Dwyer At Simon and Schuster for putting this together and Jessica Strand At Strand Bookstore for being so accommodating!