He was arguably the biggest and most talked about entertainment story so far of 2011, and created a tidal wave of media and publicity that only a few celebrities could achieve upon his controversial departure from CBS’s number 1 show “Two And A Half Men”, so if you’re Charlie Sheen, how do you follow that up with the new season of “Two And A Half Men” about to premiere with your replacement Ashton Kutcher now in the starring role??  Why of course, you have Comedy Central enlist some of the funniest names in comedy and entertainment, and have them famously roast you and debut it against the season opening episode of “Two And A Half Men” on September 19th and see if you can draw bigger ratings…..Luckily I had the opportunity to be on the Red Carpet in LA this past weekend as they filmed the 1 hour special at Sony Studios, working as a correspondent for Pop Culture Madness (PopCultureMadness.com is one of the top celebrity and lifestyle media outlets in the country, and has established a following of millions of people around the world making it one of the leading sources of entertainment and lifestyle new around, so it was an amazing opportunity for me to be able to partner up  with them because I have been such a fan of theirs for so long, to head out there and capture the event in all of  it’s “Sheen-ius”, and they will be running a feature story on their site as well concurrently to mine with my coverage of the event.  Also check out their twitter at @PCMTWEET for all your latest entertainment/lifestyle news!!), and was able to capture interviews with some of the celebrity attendees as well as roasters.  It was honestly ridic electric the whole night, with the biggest Press around the world in attendance from CNN to Entertainment Tonight to The Hollywood Foreign Press to The NY Post, so to be on the carpet was amazing and luckily I was stationed right next to Monique Mervez who is one of the top up and coming female comics right now who just filmed her 1 hour Showtime special “Not Skinny, Not Blonde” as well as “Snoop Dogg Presents The Bad Girls Of Comedy”, and was also able to catch the show which I can tell you was beyond hilarious and brutal ripping on every aspect of Sheen’s life, his past, his alleged drug use, his many many women/goddesses, and soo much more!!

The event was hosted by comedy genius, Seth MacFarlane, of “Family Guy”, and some of the awesome roasters in attendance were Mike Tyson, William Shatner, Kate Walsh (“Grey’s Anatomy” who was ripped the whole show for why she was picked), Steve-O, Jeffrey Ross (Who walked in a General’s uniform escorted by former Playboy Playmate of The Year, Jayde Nicole), Patrice O’Neal, Jon Lovitz, Amy Schumer, and Anthony Jeselnik.  There were a ton of celebrity guests in attendance, including Sheen’s Ex-Wife, Brooke Mueller, as well as a ridiculous performance of the best guitarist in the world, Slash, as Sheen entered the Roast…Here are some of my interviews for Kade Nation/Pop Culture Madness Nation, with some of the celebs in attendance who walked the Red Carpet as well as pictures form the insaneness of the event!! Enjoy!!

Dog The Bounty Hunter: Star of A&E’s Number 1 Reality Show now entering it’s 8th Season

Kristin Cavallari-Star of MTV’s “The Hills”, now competing on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars”

Michael Boatman-Star of “Spin City” and “Gossip Girl”

Corbin Bernsen-TV Icon, Emmy And Golden Globe nominated star of one of Television’s most famous shows, LA Law, as well as Major League, and now starring in the hit show Psyche entering it’s sixth season

Patrice O’Neal-One of the most recognizable and funniest comics in the country

Ron Jeremy-I mean does he even need an introduction….

Here are pictures from the Red Carpet and entering the Roast, although we forced to put away our cameras after we were seated: